Worst Cubicle Ever

Maybe this isn’t, Maybe this is…. The worst cubicle ever
Here at the office we have many of  a different crowd of people. We have our country boy, we have our (possibly still part time) ex-stripper , we have our resident geeks, the musician, the mother of what seems like 20 babies, we have the girl who part times as a”representative” Actually she is the person who stands around in grocery stores advertising different snacks. and then…. and then we have this guy.

This is not the section of the building we store our unused items. Look at the prime location, corner of the room nearest the window. Here’s the size of our Office Space

So… This guy is a fricken rat. I mean he doesn’t stink up the office but he sure is a messy dude.
And yes that white bottle holds lotion in it.
Have you seen a cubicle worse than this? Maybe this isn’t what you would call the worst cubicle in the world, but to me it is the worst cubicle I have ever seen.
The boxes, are full junk, like thrown out tabs, the outer pages of spiral notebooks once the inner paper is removed. How does someone get to where their cubicle can be such a junk pile ?
Funny thing, no one goes into his office space just because they have no need to be near his cubicle. But me being the IT guy, I have to go there like twice a week.

His Garbage can is completely empty. My coworkers do not understand why I am amazed by this.