Pay Scale Boldness

That guy, that guy we all have ran into at a work place who is in charge of everyone and is so used to people giving him some sort of respect, so they can keep their job. The guy who thinks that respect directly reflects his masculinity, That guy who is bossman strong. No, you do not have to be the toughest person to be the boss. You do not have to be the best worker or most knowledgeable employee, you don’t have to be anything more than a friend of the boss or CEO or company owner or friend of  his son. This is how you define false sense of pride. A monetary Vice held over your head gives him the feeling of greatness, because you said “please”. Would that not be how you define false sense of pride? Sure he can have pride in achieving his position, but not the value he sets his false pride at.

It’s the feeling of being an unchallenged rival. The feeling of knowing you have said some bold stuff to men that used to make you tremble. It’s this false sense of self worth because the people you run your mouth to have to work under your watch.

Well little man you need to know, you are the one that we take drinking and let him run his lip, and as soon as he gets his ass kicked, we turn my back. You are the guy no one would help, you are the guy that we continue to pet your ego while you hurt yourself “well big guy, if you can’t fight off that 90 year old lady, how am I supposed to?”. We have nothing to prove by dragging her around, and she is probably in the right for dragging you around the bar for being a little punk with a big mouth. And you probably deserve the elbow drops you receive. and when you get up after she has left  we will be the ones that says “man you had her.. you won that dang fight just stupid circumstances made the cards fall wrong and now it looks worse than it really is, you really hit her in the shoulder hard”.

But the day we get fired, you are the one that needs to clear the area. You are the one that does not need to be giving us the sincere look with the crumpled eyebrow and salesman face, and you sure the heck do not want to use your over used over practiced tough guy face. Tough isn’t in a look. Although it is startling to have someone look at you frumpled when you can’t figure out what you have done to upset them.


Do you knock him out? Do you just let this guy have it? Could you live with yourself if you don’t ?

Natural Close Outs

How do you handle nature causing you to not be able to work?

We first have to ask ourselves if we could make it to work safely without harming ourselves or another person during this time. We still need to also think about making it back home. Be sure and remember that you will be dealing with street lights that may or may not be working, and lots of people frustrated and or disorganized. Can you plan an alternative route? Is there electricity that you may need, in the location you are scheduled to work? if there is none, does your task that makes you useful, require you to have electricity? Will there be someone on site to let you in?

Things to make this go easier.

Bring your food and drink, something that does not need cooling or heating.

Bring eating utensils. Forks, plates, cups.

Bring extra cloths. If you get stuck there or if you require a change because of some disaster, you will be glad to have them.

Bring paper and pens.

Make sure your cell phone is charged.

If you can bring a radio, do so.

Leave a note at your home explaining where you are and what you are doing. Don’t count on them remembering in a disaster if something happens to you.

This is all for the safety of you in the “must go” situation. This is not saying that if you use this page you should go.because this page will not know your conditions and this page does not all circumstances. This is just if you feel already that you must go and have no alternative, hopefully it will keep you prepared and ready.

Employment Topics You Want

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Now that the point of this post is made, let’s get into this.
The writer of the content you see on, is just one guy. Sop brain storming is limited to one opinion. Proof reading is nearly pointless. So content seems to be one sided. As the writer of this employment site, there is a request for suggestions and ideas, being made.
If you want anything job related ot employment related writen on, please post a comment. Even if its employment jokes, or riddles or standards, news, employment tips or weekly job search results for highest/lowest paying jobs. Anything work related will be fine. Even if you are looking for one particular peice of information about jobs, job searches and job hunting.

Please suggest and request

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What Destroys Your Company

What mistakes or issues or acts of nature cause your company to fail?

This of course is for small companies. Staff of less than 1000.

We can all point the finger at everyone in the world for the failure of your company. Unless your company got beamed up by aliens or anything of equal  uncontrollable event, the fault lays on the owner, for a poor decision, or hiring a poor decision maker or a poor defense against hostile companies.

A big mistake small companies make, is thinking they are  too big for their customers. Selecting customers or customer types that are too much hassle for ” The Big Move”. “The Big Move” is the move that many companies make to expand their  abilities and and income. You can not expand if you reduce. You just change your business model when you remove one field of your duties and implement a new duty. This method is a pass or fail method. Many company owners think of that method as just another gamble, and they have been gambling since the company was first conceived. They do not realize that during the time company is going through change; employees will be getting trained and trying to forget old methods, your company will not be taking in the income of the old way while you build rapport in the new way.It’s okay to take on new tasks. it’s okay to take on more profitable tasks. It’s okay to expand. be careful. Don’t drop the jobs that are “too piddly for you now”. Especially if you get a larger quantity of the small jobs but the income is equal or slightly lesser than the big jobs.

Another is dropping what has been attracting your customers. Things like advertisement or customer reliability. Let’s say you have this employee, when he goes out on a job site, he eats a bowl of green beans before he starts work. Every single time. One day you are talking to one of your customers and they mention the green bean thing, and laugh about it and let you know they think it is pretty reassuring that your employee makes sure they are eating well before they work. It would probably be in your best interest not to tell that employee that he or she is on the clock and should not be wasting time on the clock eating. you might actually want to request all of your employees eat a bowl of green beans on a job site and make sure everyone on the job site sees this event. You may even want to have a few sprinkle garlic or lemon juice in the bowl and see if that gets you a call with a laugh. Heck have a green bean barbecue and invite all of your customers. Until there is a complaint about something, don’t change it. Use that as your signature. Imagine if Coca~cola decided to only sell two liters of soda. Would you not decide to drink Pepsi products when you stop in a fuel station and grab yourself a single serving of soda? I know I would. And if the billing is right, I would probably get so used to Pepsi, I wouldn’t even consider Coca~cola. It would be foolish for Pepsi to say ” Well If they are doing it, we will do it. So don’t copy your competition. Out do your competition.

Provide a larger variety, provide a greater quality and provide a fair price. Don’t bump your price to match the competition. But you can lower the price to match.

Do not over spend on flash. Do not spoil your employees. Spoiling your employees is getting them a GPS system for local delivery of less than a 10 mile radius. Too much padding can lead to employees not knowing how to work in the instance that something breaks or goes wrong. Could you picture the look of a delivery company if the battery in two of the GPS devices are drained and everyone thinks they are too good to take out the battery and change it their self, so they higher a repair man to do it? That could get quite costly. It’s okay to work up morale in company wide gifts for achievements. This is fine. and this works. but make certain the employees know that this is like a trophy for accomplishment, and not a requirement of the position.

Your employees are not monkeys and they are not machines. They are not being punished by you for being hired by you. Any boss that says “time to lean is time to clean” is a poor member of management. To hire people just to fill a spot, is the mentality of “you are holier than thou” and the hired new employee is just meat and lesser than you because they work for you. Remember, they do not work for you. They work with you and you have agreed to split the income of your company with the employee for what they bring to your company. Of course that employee is not entitled to half, that is why you have an agreed amount. To think differently of your employees will lead you to having to train employees so often there will be no way to run at optimal level.

I really feel like I need a disclaimer with this.

None of this is set in stone for every company and every business. This may work for some, and cause problems for others. So it is in your best interest to consult with someone in your area that can make decisions for your company, rather than just something you read on the internet. Take this post as a reminder of morals and nothing more. Anything you do will be your responsibility. The writer of this post can not be held responsible for the failure of your company for taking any of this information in or adjusting your company to match this posts statements. This post is not a “do and don’t do” post. This post is meant for you to read after your company has gone under and you are trying to figure out what you did wrong or what other people think would have been better or worse. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THIS POST SAYS, JUST BECAUSE YOU READ IT HERE. These are incomplete ideas that are only useful if you know more about your company.

Can Anything Help you With Employment?

Flipping through Mashable I stumbled upon an article “4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications“.

And well , these have got to be the coolest jump and dive programs out there. for those of us who can afford those apps, may not actually be looking for a job, and for those who are looking for jobs, might not be wanting to spend money on a cell phone. Especially just for the sake of keeping a useful application running. but however, if you have just lost your job and are paid up for a while on your cell phone bill, then that set of apps is perfect for you. if you have a job, just grab the resume builder app and build yourself a resume (with your thumbs????) and save the resume in case something goes wrong.

An alternative is just a simple job search. Right? You are here so you got here somehow. Try the Job Search. If for some reason you may be upset with your job or just looking for a better place to go, or really need a job that job search helps. Really. Just type the city you are in, the job you want and hit the search button, find the job in the page for the position you are looking for, and go to that site.  That job search checks 14 websites, so you do get a huge list of jobs. This way you don’t have to job hunt over 14 sites one by one. heck you can even type in “Resume`” or even”application georgia” and you will find pages beyond pages. The more descriptive you are in this job search the smaller the selection but the better the defined the results. Find  the results you want and just use the link  displayed after the search and you are there. Fast.

Getting Attached to Coworkers

In office place or construction site or a retail establishment, you can and will interact with people. One of the worst things that happen is you getting to know someone and you begining to enjoy the company of that person. We all know that people quit their job or get fired or laid off. What do you do when your work buddy is gone? How do you feel when your buddy thinks things had gone wrong and many injustices came about before they had been sent on a new job search quest? Especially if you like the place you work. Do you stand by that buddy and begin searching for job and looking to change your career? Do you drop that work buddy and get back to your job and move on? What if you think you were falling in love?

There are a few posts here on that points good reason to not get close. This is a great reason to not get to close to coworkers.
Just do your job and move on. With all the people that leave your job, count on more employee coming along getting hired and taking those job positions. Yippee, new coworkers. If your are lucky, you will absorb more tricks of your trade and increase your value in a long run.

I Work With People

Offices can be a whole new adventure, especially if you have had  jobs doing other stuff your whole life, that did not involve  working directly along side people in the same building.

I have to remind myself today that I work with “People” Not robots, not humans, not a person, not a woman, not a man, not women, not men, but I work with people.

Seems the dude I share an office with likes to hear himself talk while you are telling him something he needs to know. I have to remember he is just a person who might have a chemical issue in his head or something. Or he gets a thrill out of interrupting. He seems to do it most when you are telling him something very important.

When we hire new females, they seem to hit on every guy and ask them what their position is in the company and finally land/settle on some guy who is as high up as she thinks she can hit. This amazes me. It seems the higher you go, the crappier the personality. I wish I could come up with a way of calling them out on this, without getting fired for upsetting the bosses new bang. It’s the twenty somethings. The twenty somethings have no respect for their job or career. They are the dirty birds that will come and go. They do not understand why you will not play along or hide behind the filing cabinets for a quick what ever. After you reject the advances from a few, you start to notice that the other guys in the building have no problem going for it. Kind of leaves you feeling like you missed out. but hey, you still have your job. Is this good? is this bad? Do you have higher morals? do you have greater priorities? Are you scared to live on the edge? What can you call this to make it understandable that anything away from work is kinds fine, but during work is just insane and to big of a risk? Some of us have bills. Alimony, child support, mortgages, and any other looming impending crap that makes life suck. You have made mistakes before in your life, making one more would only prove that you don’t care about your own future.

Salesmen with their constantly saying ” Hey you’re alright, I don’t care what everyone says about you” . That’s just lame. put your finger gun away and get back to making sales. The company needs money and I need more work you cheeseball. Imagine a puff of chest hair and flipped up collar on a silk shirt.. gold necklace and shiney loafers. yeah… slick.

I have no name for this but here is the best I can do for it. The guy that is a manager of a department or a division and is trying to intimidate you into doing stuff for him just because he has groveling weaklings that work below him somewhere. This dude needs to get bent. You have to many bosses and not enough middle fingers to support hatred towards him in any other way than a quick kick down the stairs. You know he is a person. but man…..

That one guy who refuses to hold an elevator.

That one guy that runs through a door every time you hold it open for a woman.

Wear This To Work

The not so politically correct work cloths. So yeah, I don’t advise you wear them, but if you do.. I want to hear the story and to see the pictures.

Replaceable Co-Workers Shirt ,You can Customize it.

a Shirt that says ” MY BOSS SUCKS!”

Coffee mug to make sucky coffee much better It’s like a magical coffee cup.

My first shirt you have to read the back of the shirt.

just some fun shirts and a coffee cup for office jokes. Would be funny to give your boss. Actually someone bought three of the “my co-worker is replaceable”. I can’t help but wonder what the heck that turned out to be. I mean did some guy  buy three shirts and pass them out to his three employees right after announcing the company would be downsizing soon?  Tthat probably would either motivate super productivity, or make the smart ones just leave to avoid the stress. Or could one employee hand the shirts out the day before he announces his new promotion to be in charge of that crew? Did the whole crew just totally screw up and get in trouble and the boss want to make a point? Lol that would just be nuts.

Of course the person left no message. But I really wish they did. It’s bugging me. I guess that goes with the territory.

Well if you want one of those shirts feel free to buy one. I think they original. I guess.

Employment status update

If you have been wondering what the current status of employment is, This chart is from Bureau of labor statistics website
The employment statistics site seems they do a bit of profiling but it’s not quite in a bad way. These labor and employment statistics are more in a way that is informative. The employment statistics just simply states facts.
It is not like the site is made by Your local “Insert what ever you here “. It was made by the state.

there does seem to be a greater number of people on unemployment now. But at the same time, the women over 20 seem to be holding strong at keeping employed or at least off of government help and or welfare.
While the men on on welfare seems to have slightly increased a bit.
Although the chart shows that between the two genders we have an over all decrease in unemployment for the year time period. Guys, it looks like the women are holding up the performance for us all. And just as they would be upset with their performance if it was the other way around, I think we should be straightening up our act. (Hopefully this does not jinks my job).

Found some wages listed by the government, give you something to write down on your employment form when hunting for a job. You know the feild that says  “Expected Wages”. and well, if the bos is hiring at less than what is on this list, you might want to consider your standards andyour own expectations. (I find if they start less, they will not be much good later).

Here are the employment statistics for 2009.

Employment Statistics for 2009 for industries.

Occupational Wages 2009.

Typical Wages for 2009. (ok I say typical because it’s what it seems to me. Don’t use that  though. because it isn’t quite right)

Not sure what this but it’s more wages.

An average of the big companies and what they pay.

State Statistics and typical pay rate.

City and local Metro Averages.

By all statistics, I am kind of seeing Houston and Texas as being the lowest pay rate. Cost of living by state. Not an official site but what I found real quick.

The better you know about your current pay rate and employment status and the average pay rate and employment statistics, the better you have a chance of achieving the wage or salary and life you want for yourself.

Remember, if it isn’t fun. It isn’t worth doing.