Sick Days at Work

Do you go to work while ill just in case you might get even more sick before the end of the year?

Normally I do not take sick days off, unless it’s unbearable. Or if I think it’s an illness that might spread through the office. Especially if I think I could get this one again. I usually end the year with extra sick days left. This year, maybe I am not eating as well. because every time I get sick, it feels like the worst ever.

If you are blowing chunks and dizzy and can’t see straight. You should be at home. be it because of stress or a bug. If you can not function and could potentially make monster mistakes. Then you should take a sick day. Take a day off from work and recoop.

This post sponsored by my sick day.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Hope everyone had a good holiday this year.

Hope all are rested well for the next coming work week.

Rest is a key point in taking a break. Taking your mind off of all the stuff that makes you mentally and physically tired. Hope you got plenty of rest and plenty of time for the activities that take you away from everything.

The end of the year is near, and all get a chance to start new and fresh. The end of the year holidays are very near and will allow us all to rest before the up coming year.  With that, it is always best that you rest plenty for thanksgiving.

Keep clear thoughts for the week to come. Stay focused and leave home at home and vacation back with vacation. The next three weeks, you are  setting your goals for this and finalizing all work promises (margins and goals). Hopefully you have taken past advice and are now doing your end of the year “big bang” to make the boss remember you when hiring and firing season comes. So now is the time to wrap up your year project and start brainstorming (quietly) on your next big explosion. Remember, when you are done with your private (I’m awesome for this company) project, stay modest and keep working at least as good as the other employees, while you have your side project.

Been a great year. Hope it’s as good for you.

Vacation Perfection

The vacation I have waited for, for over 12 years. It is here and I am finally using it. I normally just beg what ever boss I have to allow me to cash in for a weeks extra pay in place of my vacation, that way I don’t get behind at work. Everyone is comfortable in the office and I get a few extra hundred in my bank account. I typically cash out both weeks vacation as I near Christmas. That way I make sure I have enough money to get my kid and other family members the gifts they want.

There is a co-worker in the office I work in, Every year he takes a week vacation  and travels up to watch some big Nascar event in what ever state it’s normally held in. Well, he heard I was leaving work for a while to take my first vacation since I was first employed where I am at. This guy comes to me and says to me ” If you are going on vacation, make sure you go somewhere”. My instant response was ” Um no!”. I don’t want the stress of paying for rooming and travel expenses and any other stress that may be encountered.

So here I am at home. This is perfect, the week is going so slow and I am doing nothing but relaxing and typing up content for my sites. Cat sitting in my lap. I am officially BORED! and loving it.

This is the job I need. I just have no idea how to word a resume that express what I am enjoying right now ‘ I want the day to drag on because I have jack squat to do.”.

This is the right way to spend a vacation.

At this rate, I will return to my job with no neck pains, no head aches and no back aches. Hopefully. i have been reluctant to take a break because I was scared of getting used to  being lazy and I figured it would ruin me at work when I return.

I have to advise this to everyone.  Don’t take the cash. Take a nap and get paid for it. It is worth more. Getting paid for nothing is more relaxing than getting paid double. I have found that when you take the double pay, they work you harder. So it isn’t worth it. Take the vacation.

Your employment status is what matters the most when it comes to having a future these days. Don’t ruin your ability to do your job and keep your career. Take a break, rest. Go back to work fully rested and full of steam.