Downside of Tech Guy Jobs

I have found myself stressed out by the one job I love. I love techy stuff. I love every aspect of the work. But I do not like getting around other I.T. people. These people have to argue about every single thing they can . If you say gravity keeps me grounded, they will look for some technical way of turning your wittiest comment into a dead joke.

Fellow I.T. people, is a joke of a statement in it’s self.¬† They will never work with anyone. They just want you to give them the whole job and go away before you screw the whole thing up with your idocity. yeah… my word. They will refuse to come to you know matter how long they have to work on something to get it done. I on the other hand know that I am at work and will be willing to cut the time in half by asking for clue in an area¬† I am unfamiliar with, or have forgotten due to practical obsoletion.

I can almost work with any I.T. guy because I am not competitive with my hobbies. I am only competitive with labor. and yes I call Tech a hobby because that is all it will ever be to me. If I get paid for my hobby, then that’s just right out awesome. If I get paid good for it, then that’s just amazing.

Never answer a tech guy’s question with words. Never put anything in writing. It will be scrutinized to the core of the very last letter of each word. So just show them by doing, and move on.