Do your taxes now

This has been a reminder to do your taxes, from,
Now quit wasting time. Do your taxes and get the “making work pay” tax cut. Then tell me how in the heck you got it.
Go do your taxes. Get it over with.

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Free Tax Preparation Sites

I think that over the years, I have used them all.

This is a list of sites that do taxes for free online. 1040 EZ.

i haven’t tried anything other than the 1040 ez tax prep on each site. So if you have any weird circumstances, this really isn’t for you.

If you do not know the difference, Well Let’s just say that if you have more than your income taxes to work into your tax preparation, then 1040 EZ is probably not for you. 1040 EZ is just the basic’ This is what I made this year, this is what I paid this year, how much do I get back???” Tax return. If you need your tax return to reflect fuel mileage, mortgages,loans or anything other than and actual return for income, and have no idea what tax form you should fill out, it would probably be in your best interest to seek advice from a professional on this matter. All i am putting out there is links to the three top free tax preparation websites that I know work and have not done anything weird to me. Except for H&R Block somehow fumbling my “making work pay” tax break did nothing even though it showed $400 extra until I finalized. but I did get my return in less than a week, while the other two gave me all breaks (previous years) and it took up to three weeks to get the return.

Turbo Tax

Tax Act

H&R Block