Yet another way to make money online

Yet another way to make money online

In these tough troubled times, we find our-self looking to make money morally even if it’s in small bits here and small bits there and cash em all in at the same time to make something. So here, Here is everything I do to make money on the internet. I hope it helps everyone. ALL for free.

How I make money online. Free information for you.

I myself run a few stores online.

They don’t make me a whole bunch of money, but teh way I try and get traffic to them, If I make real legit websites that I take care of and write content related to the products, onto the websites and keep them fresh with brand new ideas and topics.

I don’t focus on the products at all, while writing my content. My content is related to the domain name and when I have an idea or a rant or a praise about a certain topic, I figure what site it is most related to and begin writing. Also I have had these sites much longer than I have had the stores or the products, so my products are more like an enhancement for my site. But you can see how the products can relate if history had been opposite right?

I mean if you are selling peanut butter as your product, you don’t want to go and create a website about nuclear waste and all of teh wonderful re-uses of the material. Do you?

so let’s say you have a product but no idea how to get started with anything. Go start a website, and use it for taking personal notes that you share with the world as you learn more about this product you are wanting to sell.

When you get your first one out and ready to be marketed, put a picture of it up on your website and describe all that you went through and tell the readers how the heck they can get one. It’s pretty easy. And if you really like your product, then you should be able to talk about it all day. you know your friends are tired of you trying to shovel your knowledge of what ever in the heck that is. Put it on the web where the enthusiasts can find it.

How? here is how I got started Making money online with an online store.

My method is not for the super enthusiast, it’s more for the guy that just wants a few extra bucks in his leisure. but the same method can be used to do something on a larger scale. Nothing to buy from me at all. i just tell you what all I did. and that’s pretty much what you read up there in the previous paragraphs. I killed time after work, I killed time on weekends when i had no money to go anywhere or do anything. I did this stuff while I was out of work and when I got a job in a gas station. It’s all a bunch of nothing. All of those weird places that sell you stuff or a cd or a book and tell you about making millions in the first year, BS. In today’s tough times, if they aren’t robbing a bank yet making money, then they work for the federal reserve, or they are ripping someone off. Probably the people who buy their get rich quick schemes.

Sorry but all I have is a slow natural process that is fine with all search engines. Doesn’t trick the system or scam any ads companies into anything. You just deliver the content you say you deliver, and show your people how honorable you are by showing them how you make it.

No one should ever trust a chef with a secret sauce…. No telling how long he had to dig in his nose for the right seasoning.

No, this will not make you rich, but your income will grow and it takes a long time, but it works and will have modest growth.
Free information on how to make money online. I am giving away everything I learned, for every person who wants to get in on making money on the internet. I hope it helps you all.
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How I make money online. Free information for you.