HIRING Fire Sprinkler Sales and or designer Houston

HIRING Fire Sprinkler Sales and or designer Houston


HiTech Integrated Solution in Houston is hiring a fire sprinkler designer and a Fire Sprinkler Sales person
Bring your references and Fire Sprinkler Licenses with you.

If you have more than 5 years in Fire Sprinkler design and can sign your own drawings, you will be hired on the spot when you bring your license.

Same with fire sprinkler sales.

Fill out this Application for the Fire Sprinkler job. Be sure to tell them the web guy sent you.


Job Application Form

Salesmen in the Office

Nothing as entertaining as having sales people in the same office as designers.

every five minutes, there is someone walking by with a pointing finger practicing his eye twinkle and gun finger point with a “hey, I appreciate that”. It’s quite funny. It’s fun to see the salesmen accumulate a bunch of cheese to their daily greeting and goodbye. It’s funny to watch other salesmen incorporate the other salesmen’s cheese to their daily routine.

It is a must for a salesman to say ” Hey I think you’re pretty cool, no matter what the others say about you”. At least three times a week. It’s almost like stretching before a run, or a superstition before a performance on a stage. I just want to buy a few mirrors and stick them in each salesperson’s cubicle so they can practice their sincere faces and mouth movements. I really want to catch that on video. Yes. People of the sales depart are that dang into themself and what they do.

On the up side, there is plenty to be learned from them on how to be polite and nice no matter what.


Help Wanted – Fire Alarms Houston

A Fire Alarm Company in Houston is hiring for sales people and licensed technicians.

HiTech Integrated Solutions is hiring for fire alarm sales men and technicians with a good attitude and experience. Technicians are to be certified. Salesmen are to be nice clean cut with good personality and people skills. Download the fire alarm Job application, save it to your computer fill out the proper boxes with necessary information, call 281-970-9000 and request an email address to send job application to.