What RNs are Sometimes Thinking…

Some things that make me laugh being a RN (no particular order, a list in progress):

Yes, it does look infected to me.  Go see your doctor.

No, I cannot get you any “good drugs” for your backache or your sore throat from my work.

I&D (incision and drainage) is not the same as sticking a straight pin in an infected sore and squeezing the “goop” out (even if the needle was “sterilized by burning it”).

Yes, that rash looks bad – no, I don’t want to feel it.  Go to a doctor.

No, I don’t recommend self-diagnosis by using WebMD.

It may surprise you, but not all nurses know each other, and thus, I do not know your cousin Sally who is a nurse in Tennessee.

You have 14 tattoos, but you are queasy at the idea of getting a shot in the arm?

I am a nurse, not a concierge service during your hospital stay.

No, I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Did you know you are not the ONLY patient I have today?  If you aren’t seeing much of me today, be thankful your condition doesn’t warrant it.  The guy down the hall who lost 2 limbs, got 8 units of blood, and has an infection, also needs my care.    Please be patient.

Your birthing plan, though signed by your doctor, is more of a suggestion than a list of demands used to hold the entire L&D department at your mercy because you feel it is a doctor’s order.

Everyone on staff has a list of things to get done while on shift, none of which entails herding your children from our hallways.

That doctor is hard to work with because of religious differences: He thinks he’s God and I disagree.