Working in a Gas Station is Bad

As someone who worked in a few gas stations for a while. I have tons of gas station stories about funny events but this post is actually about why I did not like working in a gas station.

(Quick note) If you want to know how old you must be to work in a gas station, If the gas station sales beer or alcohol then you must be of legal age to sell them. You need to check with your local state officials. Do not try and get by with what you see on some random website like this one.

400 people in a day. Can you please 400 people a day with proper happy polite service? Every single day 6 days a week, all year around?

How many times can you deal with someone cutting in front of the line you have to just throw money at you, while you are trying to help the nice old lady at the counter who seems to be counting pennies?

How many times in a week can you hear “you have a bad attitude” when you haven’t done anything, and aren’t feeling any bad emotion?

How often can you rush to get all of the customers out of your store because you need to use the restroom only to get slammed with 6 people who can’t decide what scratch off lotto ticket they are wanting to buy?

People for some reason, like to sigh really heavy when they get to counter. As if to say “hey dude, I have had a rough day”, but what you will notice, is they all blow right in your face when they do that.
People will cough right in your face, full open mouth, non-covered cough in your face. If the store you work at is near a hospital, that can be pretty dang scary. Unless of course, you don’t notice that kind of stuff. Then maybe a gas station is perfect for you.

You have to restock that cooler at the end of your shift, and clean the bathrooms and empty the trash all around the store and parking lot. Beer soaked diapers. Many other bathroom things in the bathroom trash. and no. Not everyone can aim at the toilet. Standing or sitting. 1 or 2. Keep this in mind when you are being trained for the light stuff like working the cash register.

What about the times when you just can’t get everything together, like the register is on the boink, and you seem to be out of all of the rare cigarettes and that day is the day that everyone wants that rare brand of cigarettes meanwhile the lotto machine won’t work all the while your line is getting longer and your customers are all grumbling like they don’t see that your day sucks, they are just huffy about their 30 seconds being wasted because you aren’t good at what you doing? Even the nicest customers do this grumble.

Get hit back to back with kids trying to buy stuff that their I.D. won’t let them and they raise a fuss. and you have to remain calm. It’s just a kid, and it happens every day, multiple times. Meanwhile the state officials want to pull stings on YOU, not them. You know it would set a good example if a few kids could prove that cops don’t like kids buying beer.

Then to get a phone call from your store manager telling you that your store will be inspected tomorrow so you need to really bust your hump and scrub everything that they think your minimum wage is worth. So she can collect her 6 month bonus of $7000. $7000 that you will not see a penny of. Both of her 6 month bonuses are more than your yearly income. Meanwhile her salary is twice your yearly income.
She/he talks to you like you are a moron and like the world will fall apart because you can’t show up the next day. She tells you that she never goes to her kid’s events though she is off by 2 pm every single day, and yes she thinks she is a baby sitter of adult idiots. All the while she has no intelligent answer about anything. Remember this and test it for yourself, “Stupid people act angry so you won’t stump them with a simple question”. Now ask her about current events or what the difference is between kinetic energy and g-forces. Trust me she will not know and she will give you a rude answer. Play it off as you got asked this by your sister’s kid and got to wondering.

You need to get out of retail. A person working at the sewage plant  makes more than three times your wage. Three times your wage! And he has the weekend off. and he gets raises greater than 25 cents a year. Ever notice the lawn care crews have lots of money? They mow lawns. Not too complicated. You can do that. Grab a mower and do it for yourself. It’s easy. Janitors make more than you, You know whats even worse? They all get the weekend and holidays off, and you do not. More Truth about Working in a gas station. You will not have any full holiday off. When you are on vacation, expect someone to be sick and your vacation to be cut short and you will not get a thank you from the other person or the manager.

Please, for the sense of anything logical Get a better job, Do a job search, get the heck out of retail. Those people do not respect you. No matter how nice the Christmas card is you get every year (lol, you likely won’t see one). They do not respect you, they don’t want to know who or what you are, just have a heart beat , don’t steal, put money in the register and don’t be late.

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Have a great Team

Retail Management verses office employees Boat Race

The management of a gas station chain and the team of office employees decided to engage in a boat race. Both teams practiced hard and long to reach their peak performance levels. On the big day they felt ready. The office employees won by a mile!

The Management team was discouraged by the loss. Morale sagged. Coast Guard management decided that the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found, so a consulting firm was hired to investigate the problem and recommend corrective action.

The consultant’s finding: The office employees team had eight people rowing and one person steering; the Management team had one person rowing and eight people steering.

After a year of study and millions spent analyzing the problem, the consultant firm concluded that too many people were steering and not enough were rowing on the retail management team. As race the day neared again the following year, the retail management team’s management structure was completely reorganized.

The flawless company overhaul consisted of: two district steering managers, three area steering managers two general steering managers, and a new performance review system for the person rowing the boat to provide work incentives. (Like a new button on their shirt, a discount on their shirt and name tag.)

The race is over, the office employees won yet again!!!

Humiliated, the gas station retail management laid off the rower for poor performance and gave the managers a bonus for discovering the problem.

Jhis was actually just a joke and meant to be funny, yet food for thought. Welcome to retail.

Retail Sucks Bad customers

Ok I am a member of the forums at And I have read so many funny posts there and related with about 97% of them. I started going to retail sucks back when I was in about my third year working for a shell station. I really just needed to vent. That place was  a great outlet. with that I have to say, retail is no place anyone should have to work. There is so much out there, that a customer can do that will annoy you, or make you say ” that was one stupid customer”.

No matter what you do or how hard you try, when you work in retail, you will have to work with people. You will have to work around people. People will do stupid stuff. They will be rude. Especially if you work in some place that people with large sums of money tend to go. There will also be a lot of scammers if you work in a place where a lot of people with little money tend to go., bad sides of town, uppity sides of town, but the hardest  is the middle class who wants you to respect him/her like they are worth more but will  try until you both are out of breath, to get something for free. Retail sucks. It just does.

Here are some youtube video that represent the experience I had working there. Most are fake since, well, it’s not cool to put some stranger in youtube without their consent.So enjoy these customer rants and employee freak outs. Know that you are not alone. Know that the world has many sucky people and many people just like  you hating that one moment in their life.

annoying customers suck

This cashier is about to break.

The Customer is Wrong


Angry Starbucks Customer Climbs Onto Bar, Then Falls

Funny Employment Websites

There is actually a website called Retail Sucks. I love that place. They have been a huge motivation for me. They motivated me right out of retail. The whole time I was posting on that site, it was like a drug. it subdued me. Kept me from just quitting my job and sitting around the house all day sulking wishing my life was better.

Float around their site, read the forum section and read what the readers like yourself write. you don’t have to write anything, you can just lurk.

If it was not for that website. I never would have found “The Working Podcast” Head over to the pdcast page and listen to a show or head over to their Audio page and give them a listen.  If you are stuck in retail, the mix of retail sucks, and the working podcast will be the best thing for you. alternatively you can head over to my jobsearch page and go get yourself the job you really know you can do.

if you are in retail, this is the best free web page you will ever see on the internet. Greatness handed to you from someone who actually listened to the shows on working podcast every day while at work and ranted in the forums when he got home. I know I am worth more. No one is worth so little as to work in retail as long as I did.