About Fast Food Strikes

So… We have people in McDonalds going on strike because they can not afford enough money to support their families and have a healthy living.
This is a job for teenagers. This is not a job for someone with children, and a mortgage. Sure there are people who have these conditions, but really, they should have been job hunting a good long time ago. because Mcdonalds is a job for kids. Pimple faced greasy burger eating kids. Not adults. Starter job is a saying, for a reason. Yes you have been there and have your seniority. Take that with you when you look for a BETTER JOB. Don’t try and make a crap job pay you for your lack of useful skills.
Everything these people are complaining about, is the same thing that cashiers in gas stations have to go through, except the cashier in a gas station is all alone.

Fastfood Unions will lead to less people actually working. Slower service, higher cost for their products. Endless strikes, poor service. eventual closing of business. Bam, horsemeat company wins the #1 spot.


Let’s leave this starter job for the kids. If they are happy to work, keep them away from the old grunts who try to get them mad so they can have someone support their clingy selves and their family on a fastfood wage.

$15.00 an hour is ridiculous for a person who understands that the buzzer means the fries are done. Especially when none of them know when the fry grease smells bad. Or they think we don’t know.