Pizza Delivery sucks

People really think there is a set total max to tip a pizza guy.
The same guy who goes out with his family and tips $20 on a meal for 5 people. Thinks the pizza guy is some sort of leech.
No one thinks about the gas the pizza guy just wasted getting to your house and back. The time it took to take care of your pizza and get it to your house without destroying it. He brings you pizza to feed an office building and you won’t even tip him 2%.
pizza delivery tips

I remember delivering pizza to the Compaq center in Houston Texas. bringing 45 pizzas to that place and getting tipped 75 cents. So mad… So mad.

Such scum.

I mean really. what investment does a waiter/waitress have in walking to a counter, grabbing your meal and bringing it to your table 20 feet away. As apposed to a guy that can not get insurance because no one wants to insure him, gas prices to the sky. Speed limits, traffic safety and watch out for your kids when making the corner ?? Why is he getting tipped less?

Truth about Pizza Delivery

Bad Time to be a pizza guy

Tips for the pizza guy

Tricks for Pizza Guys To Remember

There are many well known ways to increase your tips when delivering pizza. Most of them are kinda simple and well known, like;¬† don’t make the customer wait. Be polite. Say hello, say thank you. but there are other tricks to increase your tips when delivering pizza. Tricks that you do not learn unless you have experience, or if someone with experience tells you, and you actually listen to them.

Protip: Mondays work mornings for pizza delivery. Never work Fridays unless you pull a double. Work Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (everyone spends the last of previous check at that time)

Protip 2: Addresses ~ North and east typically evens – south and west odds. (special cases may/do apply). Talking about address numbers.

Protip 3: Turn radio down, leave car running with door cracked, or you will be replacing starters and door hinge pins like crazy. On that note, buy a beater. Do not drive a nice car. Your tips will nearly double. and that car is more disposable. Less likely to get robbed or stolen.

Protip 4: Work for a mom and pop pizza place. Their foods aren’t made in a factory full of budget cuts and no one assumes that you get a huge paycheck.

Protip 5: Morning shifts are the shifts that deliver to companies, and drop off multiple pizzas, your tips increase at the value of the order.

Protip 6: Work at a pizza place near an upscale area (new houses, large houses, office buildings). You do not want to work near apartments. Sure more people bunched in a complex, but you stand a better chance getting robbed, car stolen, and not tipped.

Protip 7: Did I mention that Fridays suck, unless you pulled a double? Don’t ever forget that.

Protip 8: Mark the spots you get good tips. So when you get to go back, bring them extra Parmesan and peppers and magnets and menus and napkins. Do it so that they eventually start requesting you. They will.

Protip 9: Avoid washing dishes until the end of your shift. or you will get grease,oil and cheese on your apron/smock/front of pants and that looks terrible.

Protip 10: Try to work week days in the opening hours. you will make more money and you will meet the same people.

Protip 11: Fill up your tank before work and wash the gasoline/petrol smell off your hands.

Main thing is to remember to always make your deliveries on time, don’t drive around with your radio blaring. People who live in the area, will remember your car. Especially if you are being a jerk. So drive right. Some people actually hate pizza guys and the way they drive. So drive right. If you have road rage, then park with your car out of view when you knock.
You are the next best thing to a living breathing cartoon to the kids so be cheerful in front of the parents, they have been hyping you up since they hung up the phone. You keep that going for them, you will be tipped graciously because you are now their vice against their kids when they screw up.

In the day time, you will find that you get more deliveries to women who are stay at home moms. Under no circumstances should you ever enter their houses. Just say ” I’m sorry but I am not allowed to enter your home”. You have no idea what is going through that lady’s mind. She’s been home all day long all by herself. People get weird when they are alone too long. Just give the pizza, and give the change and get out of there. Although, my good friend and I used have a saying when women asked us what we do for a living¬† “I am the guy women call when the husband is at work and their kids are in school”. We always worked day time and we averaged $125 a day in tips when other drivers made $25 in tips.

Whatever you do in Pizza delivery, enjoy your work and have lots of fun.
These tricks work and make you plenty of money. Try them for a month and see how things change for you.

Proposal for Law Enforcement

Proposal for Law Enforcement

We should vote this in and mandate it as the first rule in order. That all law enforcement and members of government . All law enforcement should have to spend 5 months delivering pizza. This would give the police officer a fine chance to observe traffice from the eye of the least respected car on the road.
All government should have to work in a gas station before becoming anything. To be the least respected person in retail and to see how people really treat you as a person who is at work. They should be paid the same wages as their fellow employees, and be forced to live on such income. They should see society for what it really is. They should see how employees in the lowest rung get treated as if they are worthless in life, by even their employer who tells them they will never succeed at anything. This would force the government to intervene in minimum wages, benefits and relations of society. They should be hit constantly with beer stings at the fullest level. They will be less likely to treat low income people as if they do not have a valid story. They would see how many people out there are out to rip off everyone and how many people will try and get you fired because their soda was flat.


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