I Work With People

Offices can be a whole new adventure, especially if you have hadĀ  jobs doing other stuff your whole life, that did not involveĀ  working directly along side people in the same building.

I have to remind myself today that I work with “People” Not robots, not humans, not a person, not a woman, not a man, not women, not men, but I work with people.

Seems the dude I share an office with likes to hear himself talk while you are telling him something he needs to know. I have to remember he is just a person who might have a chemical issue in his head or something. Or he gets a thrill out of interrupting. He seems to do it most when you are telling him something very important.

When we hire new females, they seem to hit on every guy and ask them what their position is in the company and finally land/settle on some guy who is as high up as she thinks she can hit. This amazes me. It seems the higher you go, the crappier the personality. I wish I could come up with a way of calling them out on this, without getting fired for upsetting the bosses new bang. It’s the twenty somethings. The twenty somethings have no respect for their job or career. They are the dirty birds that will come and go. They do not understand why you will not play along or hide behind the filing cabinets for a quick what ever. After you reject the advances from a few, you start to notice that the other guys in the building have no problem going for it. Kind of leaves you feeling like you missed out. but hey, you still have your job. Is this good? is this bad? Do you have higher morals? do you have greater priorities? Are you scared to live on the edge? What can you call this to make it understandable that anything away from work is kinds fine, but during work is just insane and to big of a risk? Some of us have bills. Alimony, child support, mortgages, and any other looming impending crap that makes life suck. You have made mistakes before in your life, making one more would only prove that you don’t care about your own future.

Salesmen with their constantly saying ” Hey you’re alright, I don’t care what everyone says about you” . That’s just lame. put your finger gun away and get back to making sales. The company needs money and I need more work you cheeseball. Imagine a puff of chest hair and flipped up collar on a silk shirt.. gold necklace and shiney loafers. yeah… slick.

I have no name for this but here is the best I can do for it. The guy that is a manager of a department or a division and is trying to intimidate you into doing stuff for him just because he has groveling weaklings that work below him somewhere. This dude needs to get bent. You have to many bosses and not enough middle fingers to support hatred towards him in any other way than a quick kick down the stairs. You know he is a person. but man…..

That one guy who refuses to hold an elevator.

That one guy that runs through a door every time you hold it open for a woman.