Do We Need Office Meetings

Some office meetings are a must. but Many are completely unnecessary.

The meeting that helps you discover what it takes to resolve an issue, is a meeting that you know and everyone knows is a must.

The meetings that you hold every Tuesday of every single week to “hammer out complications” makes your employees dependent on a group effort to problem solve. This keeps your employees from figuring things out for themselves and makes your employees start counting on everyone else to basically do their work for them. This time that is spent in the meeting full of sales people, is time that your sales people could be out making sales. This is time that your sales people could be gathering new customers and clients. This is time that your employees could be spending getting important things done.
Maybe a once month meeting can solve issues. A once a week meeting only causes laziness and problems from laziness. Sure it keeps you in the loop of topics they chime in on, but that stuff is never going to help YOU. The chiming in is only the things that have the employees upset with someone else, or a deflecting method to prevent you from uncovering their own personal flaws.

There are people who work, and there are people who sit around talking about working.