I am I T Guy – Not Servant

One of the hardest issues of being an IT guy, is that everyone thinks you are an electrical janitor or servant.

Truth is, you are not. Your duty is to be the guy that come up with a solution to an issue, a solution that you are the only person qualified to make. You are not the guy that they say “ok, take this broken monitor and this broken computer and have it working in fifteen minutes, I have work to do”. That call is just irrational. Maybe the boss can say what he wants and what he expects of you, and you have the choice to try and oblige the request or look for a new job. So, have some reserve for those who pay you.
Now this does not be mean to people walk around calling them stupid. but you can not whimper your voice while you tell them that the request they are making is not possible.

Now that I have the intro out of the way, here is what happened to me today that lead to this story.

Today, I am working on my cad drawings, but stopped for a brief, maybe 20 seconds to find pandora.com and sign in and hit shuffle so I could just tone out the local ambiance in the building (the guy with the cough who gargles up his lung  mud and snorts his snot, but never spits, the fat girl who goes into baby talk while she calls every single person over their  phone com, and asks them to come into her office, the bathroom door slamming constantly, and the hand full of dudes talking about fantasy football in denial about it being dungeons and dragons for the slow witted). What happens? someone walks into my office steps behind my monitor and yells out “see told ya, he is just playing around on the internet”. and says ” We have a printer at (coworker’s name)’s desk we need you to hook up” So instantly, since I am the I.T. guy, I know that the only printer that no one is using, is messed up. so I ask “Which printer? not that white one from the first cubicle right?”. and I get a response like this ” Look, she is cutting out checks, if you don’t do this I will have to tell Dave”. Dave is a random name to represent my boss’s name. I’m dumb founded that someone would make such a stupid statement, so dumbfounded I can’t speak. This leads tardo to think I am submitting to this threat. Without even hearing what I have to say, without asking if I was busy, without checking if that computer already has the drivers loaded, by just plugging in to see what happens. Well just between you and me, I hate that printer. It takes forever to hook up and most of the time, It will not work. Just loads and loads of problems. The computer it was hooked up to was the only computer it has ever been successfully hooked up to. and of course it is the pretty lady’s desk who is only in the office twice a week. She can’t even defend her own printer. The ugly squad has assigned themselves to just take what ever they want from her desk.  So I say” that printer is never going to work on that computer, you need another printer. Tell Dave what ever makes you feel good”. That person who is in charge of ordering junk, found it in their duty to tell me what my duty is. And they are an idiot who has no idea if that printer even works.Well, it does. Kind of. but there was no one in the world it work on that other computer.

So I tell them both no and that it will not happen, the printer does not work well. I told them they need to find another printer elsewhere. They both explained to me repeatedly how it HAS TO BE THAT PRINTER. I explained again and again and again, that yes I know that IT has duties, but it can not be performed with THAT printer. It will not happen.
an hour or two goes by and they mumble and grumble repeatedly and make a scene about my every move.. So I walk over 6there I hook up the printer I download the 2 500 mb installers . takes a fricken Hour.. So for an hour she can not use her computer. I start the install of the first printer program, the drivers. The install gets  about 1/3 of the way … slowly. BAM. memory dump. So I reboot the computer. As soon as the dang screen goes black, her comes tardo again and she looks over my shoulder and yells out ” he’s just now turning the computer on”. I explain ” No the computer just crashed and it rebooting”. guess what she says ‘ you don’t know how to do this without it crashing?” @$#%^!!!!. what the heck. after a few shots of showing these people that the software is forcing a memory dump (that computer is beat, it’s quite old). I explain once again that the other computer is the only one that I have been able to get to work with that printer. Guess what their next brilliant idea is. They should give that computer to her. That computer is already taken. I explain that it would take me several hours to set that machine up with her backed up emails on it, and they respond with “well get started”.
See I have been way to polite already. The more polite I try to be about this, the more they try and run me over without a care about the part timer who’s printer they tried to take, and then who’s computer they are about to attempt to claim priority over.

So here I am. Two hours behind on my work, hooking up the printer that was already there, explaining again ” We need a new printer, there is no printer available” while listening to them say ” this printer wrinkles the paper and I am in a hurry”. No sense of logic was used in that conversation. at all.

Somewhere management needs to step in. because I can’t go around being rude to people to make them understand that An IT guy is not a personal servant, or a magician.