Pay Scale Boldness

That guy, that guy we all have ran into at a work place who is in charge of everyone and is so used to people giving him some sort of respect, so they can keep their job. The guy who thinks that respect directly reflects his masculinity, That guy who is bossman strong. No, you do not have to be the toughest person to be the boss. You do not have to be the best worker or most knowledgeable employee, you don’t have to be anything more than a friend of the boss or CEO or company owner or friend of  his son. This is how you define false sense of pride. A monetary Vice held over your head gives him the feeling of greatness, because you said “please”. Would that not be how you define false sense of pride? Sure he can have pride in achieving his position, but not the value he sets his false pride at.

It’s the feeling of being an unchallenged rival. The feeling of knowing you have said some bold stuff to men that used to make you tremble. It’s this false sense of self worth because the people you run your mouth to have to work under your watch.

Well little man you need to know, you are the one that we take drinking and let him run his lip, and as soon as he gets his ass kicked, we turn my back. You are the guy no one would help, you are the guy that we continue to pet your ego while you hurt yourself “well big guy, if you can’t fight off that 90 year old lady, how am I supposed to?”. We have nothing to prove by dragging her around, and she is probably in the right for dragging you around the bar for being a little punk with a big mouth. And you probably deserve the elbow drops you receive. and when you get up after she has left  we will be the ones that says “man you had her.. you won that dang fight just stupid circumstances made the cards fall wrong and now it looks worse than it really is, you really hit her in the shoulder hard”.

But the day we get fired, you are the one that needs to clear the area. You are the one that does not need to be giving us the sincere look with the crumpled eyebrow and salesman face, and you sure the heck do not want to use your over used over practiced tough guy face. Tough isn’t in a look. Although it is startling to have someone look at you frumpled when you can’t figure out what you have done to upset them.


Do you knock him out? Do you just let this guy have it? Could you live with yourself if you don’t ?