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This site here started out as a free job listing site. But no one came. just a bunch of spammers. So I removed it and went with just what you see existing. I couldn’t figure out why people wouldn’t post. I now see. I am sure they saw how much it costs to post on other sites and figured “Nothing good is ever free”.

My intentions were to run free for everyone, and I would survive on the page views and sponsors. There was no way to explain all of that. So.. Here we are… There’s nothing to post here, but you can go elsewhere to run an add and only hire one person for just over $400.

The spam was insane. Those spam bots find you fast. and also it’s hard to get people to be the first to post on anything.
No matter what, just know that I think it’s nuts to have to pay $400 to post an employment add. Heck anything over $2 is madness. It’s just a job listing.
I mean really. If you had anything to fear, you just create a new email address or something and try your luck at getting an employee. I mean what if you are looking for a sales member? That means your sales are low and your income is reduced. last thing you should want to do is spend more money.

Should I try again with free job listing?

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Is Unemployement on a rise or decline?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Unemployment isn’t as well off as the Local news says it is.

 National Unemployment Rates, 2008 – 2012 Official Government website.

unemployment rates
unemployment rates

From the way it looks, unemployment is on a decline from last year and the year before. But (for those years unemployment was on an insane increase. but now, the unemployment rate is finally dropping down less than it has been for the past 4 years and no where near where it was in 2008.

Now why would the local news say that unemployment is at “all time low” ?
There is no telling. but one can speculate.
2008 5.0 4.9 5.1 5.0 5.4 5.6 5.8 6.1 6.1 6.5 6.8 7.3
2009 7.8 8.3 8.7 8.9 9.4 9.5 9.5 9.6 9.8 10.0 9.9 9.9
2010 9.7 9.8 9.8 9.9 9.6 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.5 9.5 9.8 9.4
2011 9.1 9.0 8.9 9.0 9.0 9.1 9.1 9.1 9.0 8.9 8.7 8.5
2012 8.3 8.3 8.2 8.1 8.2 8.2 8.3 8.1 7.8 7.9 7.7 n/a
So what exactly is all of the lying for ?
Local news NBC is saying that unemployment is at an all time low. Truth is, it’s just lower than the majority of Obama’s term.


Fire Sprinkler Designers in Houston Needed

HiTech Fire is now Fire Sprinkler Designers

HiTech Fire sprinkler designer Job Application Form

Currently Hiring Fire Sprinkler Designers.

At this time HiTech Is Hiring Fire Sprinkler Designers only.
Please take the time to fill out this online job application.
It is very important that you double check all contact information
you enter into this employment application. Please clarify the
position you desire.
Full Application must be filled out.
This form will be sent to an associate after you press the
submit button.
Job Application

If you feel more comfortable bringing the application in with you, then download the pdf version fill it out and print the application out.
This form will not automatically send.
Job Application PDF

Fax: 281-970-9011
Phone: 281-970-9000
Call for email Address

For further information pertaining to  what  HiTech employees jobs are Please visit our Commercial Services section to see what we install,upgrade, repair, monitor and our service inspections try these links.
Fire Alarm Systems
Sprinkler systems
Security systems

If you have a friend on Facebook out of work, please share this link, and or comment below. Help people in this time find employment and get a career started. HiTech Needs more fire alarm technicians.
Company Vehicle, Gas allowances, benefits, competitive wages/salary.
So if you are a Sprinkler Designer who needs work, Contact HiTech. We have lots of work.


1 full year to 3 years sprinkler system layout experience
Able to read and apply basic NFPA 13 requirements
Familiar with HydraCAD sprinkler system design software
Able to survey job-sites
Basic knowledge of computerized hydraulic calculations
Able to receive and apply instructions.

Bad Time To Be a Pizza Guy

Pizza delivery sucks

Gas prices are up. People have less money to tip with. This means the guy with the delivery job, has to pay for his own gas, meanwhile only get compensated for a percentage of fuel used, the rest is covered by the tip. The less the customer has to tip with, the less the delivery guy gets. Of course if the gas prices stay up long enough, the cost of the food supplied to the pizza places will go up. When that goes up, the cost of the pizza will go up. This of course leaves less money for the customer to tip the pizza guy with.

Pizza delivery sucks

The worst thing you can say to the pizza guy is ‘ You know how it is” cuz yes.. He does. He is so broke he was hoping you would jingle some change his way.

Drop something in the pizza guy’s tray. You have to. He does not make what the employment ads lead you to believe he makes. They say “up to $15 an hour”  when actually the pizza guy only gets half minimum wage plus tips. If you tip. and well right now, no one tips.

Pizza delivery sucks

He pays for his gas, his oil,  travels 10k miles every 3 months,pays for his own used tires because he can’t afford new ones, his door sags from opening repeatedly, changes starters 3 times a year, replaces clutch every 5 months. And all of the overheating. Man the overheating part sucks. Fuel pumps going out, Mildew in the car from having the window down while at the customer’s house, because his door handle is broke, inside and out. Window no longer roles up, you gotta pull it up. Headlights go out at least once a year. Roof is rusted where the company sign and it’s magnets have scratched his paint to the metal.

To the pizza guy, Go find a job, Find a real job where you have more self respect from people. For yourself. Yeah the job has some fun times, but not near enough. Use that search, type city name, and job title. You will get results from 14 job search sites at one time. The more specific your search, the better the results. Shoot high, I mean all you have to do is type in the name of a city pr zip code, a job title and maybe a wage preference. Come on man. I have been there. Let me help you out of this.

Pizza delivery sucks and is frustrating. but hey it’s a job. Doesn’t pay, but it’s a job. They need to raise the standard pay for a pizza guy. because that job is more than him. it’s his most expensive investment, his car. and that gets trashed and worn out.

Employment Topics You Want

Please feel free to leave employment content ideas you want to read about, by commenting below.
Now that the point of this post is made, let’s get into this.
The writer of the content you see on, is just one guy. Sop brain storming is limited to one opinion. Proof reading is nearly pointless. So content seems to be one sided. As the writer of this employment site, there is a request for suggestions and ideas, being made.
If you want anything job related ot employment related writen on, please post a comment. Even if its employment jokes, or riddles or standards, news, employment tips or weekly job search results for highest/lowest paying jobs. Anything work related will be fine. Even if you are looking for one particular peice of information about jobs, job searches and job hunting.

Please suggest and request

Posted via Android. Dont mind the typos. I’ll fix them later.

Can Anything Help you With Employment?

Flipping through Mashable I stumbled upon an article “4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications“.

And well , these have got to be the coolest jump and dive programs out there. for those of us who can afford those apps, may not actually be looking for a job, and for those who are looking for jobs, might not be wanting to spend money on a cell phone. Especially just for the sake of keeping a useful application running. but however, if you have just lost your job and are paid up for a while on your cell phone bill, then that set of apps is perfect for you. if you have a job, just grab the resume builder app and build yourself a resume (with your thumbs????) and save the resume in case something goes wrong.

An alternative is just a simple job search. Right? You are here so you got here somehow. Try the Job Search. If for some reason you may be upset with your job or just looking for a better place to go, or really need a job that job search helps. Really. Just type the city you are in, the job you want and hit the search button, find the job in the page for the position you are looking for, and go to that site.  That job search checks 14 websites, so you do get a huge list of jobs. This way you don’t have to job hunt over 14 sites one by one. heck you can even type in “Resume`” or even”application georgia” and you will find pages beyond pages. The more descriptive you are in this job search the smaller the selection but the better the defined the results. Find  the results you want and just use the link  displayed after the search and you are there. Fast.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Hope everyone had a good holiday this year.

Hope all are rested well for the next coming work week.

Rest is a key point in taking a break. Taking your mind off of all the stuff that makes you mentally and physically tired. Hope you got plenty of rest and plenty of time for the activities that take you away from everything.

The end of the year is near, and all get a chance to start new and fresh. The end of the year holidays are very near and will allow us all to rest before the up coming year.  With that, it is always best that you rest plenty for thanksgiving.

Keep clear thoughts for the week to come. Stay focused and leave home at home and vacation back with vacation. The next three weeks, you are  setting your goals for this and finalizing all work promises (margins and goals). Hopefully you have taken past advice and are now doing your end of the year “big bang” to make the boss remember you when hiring and firing season comes. So now is the time to wrap up your year project and start brainstorming (quietly) on your next big explosion. Remember, when you are done with your private (I’m awesome for this company) project, stay modest and keep working at least as good as the other employees, while you have your side project.

Been a great year. Hope it’s as good for you.

Gas Station Woes

for those of you who are still in a gas station but somehow found this. My hat’s off to you but I am confused.

My time doing your job, I barely even knew one cashier that could do much more than wiggle the mouse and get the screen saver to stop. i once had a manager come get me from behind the counter in a panic to help her fix her “exploding computer”. The manager who sat in for her on her vacation time, turned the star burst screen saver on. Yes I was actually belittled quite often by that idiot.

One day I just had enough. A store got robbed right after I left. I came in the next day and had to talk to two managers and the owner of the chain I worked for. The managers and owner of this chain of gas stations actually tried to make me feel bad for leaving when I did. The person that relieved me was 20 minutes late already as it was. I had enough. I said ” Whoa Whoa Whoa, Where were you all? Living the life you think I’m not good enough to live? I leave here and I try to forget that I work for people like you, I come back and do my duties, there is no sense in talking to me like this. This is just a gas station”.

You have to remind your boss that you work in the crummiest line of business. You have to remind your boss that you get paid the crummiest pay. and you have to remind your boss that  the things he or she does, you do it better, especially the stuff of f the clock.

You got your job there because you just needed an income. You did not get your job there just because they wanted someone else to work the register instead of them. You are there just to get on your feet even if it means sacrificing one or two weekends a month. You have not been sentenced to be there. It is not your destiny, it is not the best you can do. You could beg on a street corner and feel more dignity. (don’t do that).

Holidays, you deserve to have a holiday off, you do not deserve to watch everyone else get the holidays off while you work. Even if you get double pay for the holidays. Nothing can replace the life you gave up to make double minimum wage.

The guy that scrubs sewage tanks and then eats a sandwich without washing his hands, makes nearly three times what you make. He doesn’t even have to worry about checking i.d., if he will get a bathroom break, if he will get a lunch break He doesn’t have to worry about getting shot over 50 bucks. He doesn’t have to worry about counting the dang cigarettes before he leaves work. he deals with pooh, you deal with spoiled teenagers and drunk adults.

A tree trimmer makes almost 4 times what you make. a lawn care guy makes 1.5 times what you make and he just has to worry if he will have enough gas to mow one strip back to the truck. An independent babysitter makes $20-40 a day, per kid.

There are websites that let you check to see how much each job position makes like this. Think of the crappiest job you could do, and see what that person makes and compare it to your current position. Stay in the gas station and work for crap pay, get treated by crap by every single person that walks on that site. Or just leave and start job searching.

Employment status update

If you have been wondering what the current status of employment is, This chart is from Bureau of labor statistics website
The employment statistics site seems they do a bit of profiling but it’s not quite in a bad way. These labor and employment statistics are more in a way that is informative. The employment statistics just simply states facts.
It is not like the site is made by Your local “Insert what ever you here “. It was made by the state.

there does seem to be a greater number of people on unemployment now. But at the same time, the women over 20 seem to be holding strong at keeping employed or at least off of government help and or welfare.
While the men on on welfare seems to have slightly increased a bit.
Although the chart shows that between the two genders we have an over all decrease in unemployment for the year time period. Guys, it looks like the women are holding up the performance for us all. And just as they would be upset with their performance if it was the other way around, I think we should be straightening up our act. (Hopefully this does not jinks my job).

Found some wages listed by the government, give you something to write down on your employment form when hunting for a job. You know the feild that says  “Expected Wages”. and well, if the bos is hiring at less than what is on this list, you might want to consider your standards andyour own expectations. (I find if they start less, they will not be much good later).

Here are the employment statistics for 2009.

Employment Statistics for 2009 for industries.

Occupational Wages 2009.

Typical Wages for 2009. (ok I say typical because it’s what it seems to me. Don’t use that  though. because it isn’t quite right)

Not sure what this but it’s more wages.

An average of the big companies and what they pay.

State Statistics and typical pay rate.

City and local Metro Averages.

By all statistics, I am kind of seeing Houston and Texas as being the lowest pay rate. Cost of living by state. Not an official site but what I found real quick.

The better you know about your current pay rate and employment status and the average pay rate and employment statistics, the better you have a chance of achieving the wage or salary and life you want for yourself.

Remember, if it isn’t fun. It isn’t worth doing.