10 Reasons why you can’t hang on to employees

Sometimes an employee is just a bad employee or bad person. Often the person leaving a company truly feels as if they are being abused and mistreated or the working conditions and pay are not up to their standards.
For this article let’s just imagine a bunch of good employees leaving the company for reasons that have nothing to do with them other than them saying “I’ve had it, I’m out, forget this I quit”.
You might want to consider this if you have tried all other reasons and they don’t ever resolve the issue of people quitting and you constantly having to fill their spot.

10. Bad apple. You could have a bad apple in the bunch tainting the group with negativity that is unnecessary. Usually this guy has been around for a good while and is completely a different person around the upper staff.
9. Poor equipment. vehicles that break down a lot. Bad printer that never gets fixed. Bad tools that never get replaced but get new wads of tape every week.
8. Bad Hours.
7. Hostile environment. You have one or more employees that intimidate other employees or try to.
6. No reward system. Rewarding employees will help with moral.
5. Rare/irregular raises. You don’t give raises on a regular basis.
4. Runt of the group. The guy hired last gets all of the junk equipment. Told to do all of the grunt work and not ever getting any of the good work or any credit for the completion of a job.
3. Absence of a leader. Someone is in charge and gives commands but does not communicate with employees.
2. Boisterous Management. Be it they bring things to work all of the time that the employees could never afford, or they are rude to the employees and treat them as if they are inferior.
1. Your managers are your friends and their position is well upheld. On the basis that you are never going to fire them. It would be awkward to fire your friends.

Now these aren’t the only reasons people leave. and they may not be the reason that your employees quit, but in my experience these are the least talked about and most common reasons people quit a job. However i have seen a few articles where they run through a list of reasons people quit but they all seem to say the same things, things I never experienced. So i had to make this list. The reasons why most people quit. Other than other personal issues such as someone slept with someone’s spouse.

Walmart Thanksgiving 2012

Walmart thanksgiving 2012
Walmart thanksgiving 2012

Every year, all Walmart employees are required to work through Thanksgiving. This is in preparation for the after-Thanksgiving-sale called “black Friday”. The employees show up, the store gets locked down and the trucks roll in with all of the merchandise that is to be set out on the floors for the morning rush.
It’s a holiday tradition in the United states. It motivates sales.Motivates giving and assures many people will get a present for Christmas, because the prices are so low.

2012 There has been a huge announcement of a walkout and a strike that is supposed to happen at all Walmart locations across the United States because of employees having to work for the holiday.

All Walmart employees know that Walmart does not allow worker Unions come into their company. And well, the worker’s Unions do not like that. For many years, the worker’s Unions have tried many underhanded deceptive tricks to get into Walmart. Usually they buy out some neswpaper columnist and get a hoopla going about angry employees that never existed. This time they used Facebook and twitter and other social media sites with Image memes to create a false outrage. This year it looked like it was about to happen.

What the unions did here is they created a fake protest. and tried to motivate employees of walmart to walk out on the job. If this would have happened, they would have lead the employees to call for Unions. These people tried to create an anger and disgruntlement where anger and disgruntlement were not. Like the bully at school trying to get two kids to fight by whispering in both of their ears ‘Awe did you hear what he just said? I wouldn’t take that”. If this is not a sign that worker Unions are deceptive, then I don’t know how to make you see.

The way you know this is a union scam to try and make Walmart budge, is no one wanted to help the gas station attendants. They work every year. every holiday. even when everything is closed in the country, the gas station is right there. Because you have to get home that day.

2012 Thanksgiving at Walmart
2012 Thanksgiving at Walmart

Well that picture is from the walmart in Humble Texas. No one on strike. Employees excited for the food in the back being prepared for them and the higher pay (holiday pay). So if mainstream news shows any different, then you at least two things to go by because that picture was taken today at approximately 11:57 . 3 minutes to noon. See anyone on strike?

It seems the internet gung-ho hipster jump on the bandwagon and defend the people, groups care more about solving this fake issue than the actual employees who are excited about double pay, and excessive amounts of food and low customer count (since everyone is with family right now) they get for working today.

Fud Factor at Work

The Fud Factor, Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. The things you do not need when you are work.

You do not need to see employees getting picked off at random phone call times. You do not need to see the snakey guy that you just don’t get along with, get promoted. You can not live a life of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
You can not show up to work every day thinking “oh it’s probably my turn to get voted off of the island”. This is not a proper way to live. It certainly is not a good way to run a business.

Even if you think that you just hired 6 sales men to get the word out that you do a certain type installation, but you only need on e in the long run. It is not justified to hire people and then fire them off as soon as the money comes rolling in. This leaves you employees thinking you are a loose canon without a care about the outcome of your actions. This leaves your employees wondering if the company is having hard times, and if it is probably a good idea to leave while you still have an income, and just transition to a new place. This is a whole lot better than getting called into the dank office on a Wednesday to find out that you have to go job searching today.

You have to communicate with your employees. This will prevent rumors. You have to be just as loyal as you expect your employees to be to you. You can not leave your employees thinking that at any time you will just change your mind, and cause someone some hard times.

Some people react a bit different than others when they are scared. So it is best to be honest, and do not play games with people who are looking to be good employees making good money and providing for themself.

Imagine the employment form that says “tell us why you had to leave your last place of employment” and the potential employee responding with “because the owner of (company name here) Is an immature brat with no sense of business skills decided to hire me and fire me to make a point to his existing employees”.

Do We Need Office Meetings

Some office meetings are a must. but Many are completely unnecessary.

The meeting that helps you discover what it takes to resolve an issue, is a meeting that you know and everyone knows is a must.

The meetings that you hold every Tuesday of every single week to “hammer out complications” makes your employees dependent on a group effort to problem solve. This keeps your employees from figuring things out for themselves and makes your employees start counting on everyone else to basically do their work for them. This time that is spent in the meeting full of sales people, is time that your sales people could be out making sales. This is time that your sales people could be gathering new customers and clients. This is time that your employees could be spending getting important things done.
Maybe a once month meeting can solve issues. A once a week meeting only causes laziness and problems from laziness. Sure it keeps you in the loop of topics they chime in on, but that stuff is never going to help YOU. The chiming in is only the things that have the employees upset with someone else, or a deflecting method to prevent you from uncovering their own personal flaws.

There are people who work, and there are people who sit around talking about working.



What Destroys Your Company

What mistakes or issues or acts of nature cause your company to fail?

This of course is for small companies. Staff of less than 1000.

We can all point the finger at everyone in the world for the failure of your company. Unless your company got beamed up by aliens or anything of equal  uncontrollable event, the fault lays on the owner, for a poor decision, or hiring a poor decision maker or a poor defense against hostile companies.

A big mistake small companies make, is thinking they are  too big for their customers. Selecting customers or customer types that are too much hassle for ” The Big Move”. “The Big Move” is the move that many companies make to expand their  abilities and and income. You can not expand if you reduce. You just change your business model when you remove one field of your duties and implement a new duty. This method is a pass or fail method. Many company owners think of that method as just another gamble, and they have been gambling since the company was first conceived. They do not realize that during the time company is going through change; employees will be getting trained and trying to forget old methods, your company will not be taking in the income of the old way while you build rapport in the new way.It’s okay to take on new tasks. it’s okay to take on more profitable tasks. It’s okay to expand. be careful. Don’t drop the jobs that are “too piddly for you now”. Especially if you get a larger quantity of the small jobs but the income is equal or slightly lesser than the big jobs.

Another is dropping what has been attracting your customers. Things like advertisement or customer reliability. Let’s say you have this employee, when he goes out on a job site, he eats a bowl of green beans before he starts work. Every single time. One day you are talking to one of your customers and they mention the green bean thing, and laugh about it and let you know they think it is pretty reassuring that your employee makes sure they are eating well before they work. It would probably be in your best interest not to tell that employee that he or she is on the clock and should not be wasting time on the clock eating. you might actually want to request all of your employees eat a bowl of green beans on a job site and make sure everyone on the job site sees this event. You may even want to have a few sprinkle garlic or lemon juice in the bowl and see if that gets you a call with a laugh. Heck have a green bean barbecue and invite all of your customers. Until there is a complaint about something, don’t change it. Use that as your signature. Imagine if Coca~cola decided to only sell two liters of soda. Would you not decide to drink Pepsi products when you stop in a fuel station and grab yourself a single serving of soda? I know I would. And if the billing is right, I would probably get so used to Pepsi, I wouldn’t even consider Coca~cola. It would be foolish for Pepsi to say ” Well If they are doing it, we will do it. So don’t copy your competition. Out do your competition.

Provide a larger variety, provide a greater quality and provide a fair price. Don’t bump your price to match the competition. But you can lower the price to match.

Do not over spend on flash. Do not spoil your employees. Spoiling your employees is getting them a GPS system for local delivery of less than a 10 mile radius. Too much padding can lead to employees not knowing how to work in the instance that something breaks or goes wrong. Could you picture the look of a delivery company if the battery in two of the GPS devices are drained and everyone thinks they are too good to take out the battery and change it their self, so they higher a repair man to do it? That could get quite costly. It’s okay to work up morale in company wide gifts for achievements. This is fine. and this works. but make certain the employees know that this is like a trophy for accomplishment, and not a requirement of the position.

Your employees are not monkeys and they are not machines. They are not being punished by you for being hired by you. Any boss that says “time to lean is time to clean” is a poor member of management. To hire people just to fill a spot, is the mentality of “you are holier than thou” and the hired new employee is just meat and lesser than you because they work for you. Remember, they do not work for you. They work with you and you have agreed to split the income of your company with the employee for what they bring to your company. Of course that employee is not entitled to half, that is why you have an agreed amount. To think differently of your employees will lead you to having to train employees so often there will be no way to run at optimal level.

I really feel like I need a disclaimer with this.

None of this is set in stone for every company and every business. This may work for some, and cause problems for others. So it is in your best interest to consult with someone in your area that can make decisions for your company, rather than just something you read on the internet. Take this post as a reminder of morals and nothing more. Anything you do will be your responsibility. The writer of this post can not be held responsible for the failure of your company for taking any of this information in or adjusting your company to match this posts statements. This post is not a “do and don’t do” post. This post is meant for you to read after your company has gone under and you are trying to figure out what you did wrong or what other people think would have been better or worse. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THIS POST SAYS, JUST BECAUSE YOU READ IT HERE. These are incomplete ideas that are only useful if you know more about your company.