Worst Cubicle Ever

Maybe this isn’t, Maybe this is…. The worst cubicle ever
Here at the office we have many of  a different crowd of people. We have our country boy, we have our (possibly still part time) ex-stripper , we have our resident geeks, the musician, the mother of what seems like 20 babies, we have the girl who part times as a”representative” Actually she is the person who stands around in grocery stores advertising different snacks. and then…. and then we have this guy.

This is not the section of the building we store our unused items. Look at the prime location, corner of the room nearest the window. Here’s the size of our Office Space

So… This guy is a fricken rat. I mean he doesn’t stink up the office but he sure is a messy dude.
And yes that white bottle holds lotion in it.
Have you seen a cubicle worse than this? Maybe this isn’t what you would call the worst cubicle in the world, but to me it is the worst cubicle I have ever seen.
The boxes, are full junk, like thrown out tabs, the outer pages of spiral notebooks once the inner paper is removed. How does someone get to where their cubicle can be such a junk pile ?
Funny thing, no one goes into his office space just because they have no need to be near his cubicle. But me being the IT guy, I have to go there like twice a week.

His Garbage can is completely empty. My coworkers do not understand why I am amazed by this.

Office Relocation Finally Done

When I first got hired on, I had a make shift desk.

My first work computer.

It took ten minutes for that computer to boot. I told the I.T. guy I had a knack for removing viruses. So he gave me cooty vill. some computer left behind that had like 500 viruses on it. I really miss that hardwood floor. I could scoot around with a breeze.

But we got a great deal on a new office in a better building.

Less than a year after we moved into a large office on the fourth floor of a building in Houston

The Day I got my cubicle
Top View of cubicle

We find it is time to leave.

Good Reason To change Office location

Read The Whole Story on how a leasing agency skipped out on us as renters.

On Short notice, we  turned to one of our most common customers. One of Houston’s largest contractors. They were happy to accommodate us with a temporary place to hold us, and to give us a better deal than what we were getting at the previous location. but for a short time we had to stay in a small corner of the building. Don’t get me wrong, we were so happy that we had air conditioning again and someone to take out the trash and bathrooms with full supplies.

First we had to break down the old office. 48 cubicles. (could be more. probably more)

Empty cubicles 🙁

Next we had to break down the server.

Breaking Down the Server
Other side of the Rack

The Resident geek and I spent forever keeping every wire in order, neat and organized. 48 cubicles wired in and 20 offices wired in and like 4 different servers for different duties.  and now we had to tear it all down.

Then we had to move it to the new office.

Moving The Rack

The darn thing would not fit in the elevator.

Trust that we got the Server upstairs. but for a short time, the rack was sitting somewhere behind a bunch of junk in the area we all shared crammed into 5 offices. All of us!.

Here is what I first snapped together for myself the night before everyone else moved.

My Miniature Desk

It didn’t last forever. i just waited for everyone to get a desk before I wandered around to get myself one.


Okay, that desk rocks. It’s like 400lbs with all the drawers in. I love it. You have to understand, I have had some crummy jobs. None of them dealt with me sitting down.

We soon hooked up a temporary server in our temporary I.T. room.

Resident Geek

Our resident geek’s temporary office. Our server was pretty much what you see on the little light colored table thingy with wheels. and the little fold up rack next to it.

My office is almost done

The walls are up for my new office. Man this month is going to be long.

Sheet Rocking my new office.

Nearly two weeks have gone by, they are finally working on MY office again. Woo hoo! (oh and the exit sign was relocated.)

Woo hooo Painted

Some of us really get at each other. Even the owner of the company is sick of a few people. but you gotta give it to the guy. He could have stayed home in his own personal office and made the  resident geek and I make sure he has a safe strong connection. He sat with us along with his dad the CEO of the company. Pretty cool.

Meanwhile, everything we had like the color plotter and large office printers and a ton or two of desks were all in PODS provided by a company called “PACK RAT”. 7 pods.

Guess who emptied them

Our resident geek the whole time was wiring up the rack in the new I.T. room. There wasn’t much I could do to help. He did a great job.

I.T. Administration

Well they finished my office. It looks great. but a ton smaller than what the drawings showed. The scale was way off.

My office is complete.
My office Is complete

Here’s the new bullpen before all of the cubicles get built.

New office floor is finally done. This is wonderful stuff.
New bullpen

The bullpen looks great. It’s going to hold 24 cubicles.

The rest of them are spare parts.

Ok office again

Notice the chair with the Monitors in it. Have not yet moved my desk in at this point. That drafting table will have to go. I never use that dang thing. I have autodesk, it’s not like I sit with a ruler and pencil to do my drawings.

We are almost moved in.
Bull pen cluttered

Everything is moved in . nothing is in order but everything is moved in. I guess that month cluttered and cramped has ruined us.

Finally moved in but have not setteled in
The new office with my desk

My desk in the Office now. Man I need to clean stuff up a bit.

Resident Geek’s Office

The resident geek’s office.  Cool he has been at a cramped crummy desk for about month, now he has his desk back.

It does not kill you to have to move. It does not kill you to hang through the tough spots. Things get better and working quietly can happen. Even in the worst conditions. This was an emergency building relocation, and we survived.

Can’t wait to paint the new company logo in the front office.

If you have an office moving or building relocation story feel free to tell it. Good or bad.