Job Listings is a Rough Market


This site here started out as a free job listing site. But no one came. just a bunch of spammers. So I removed it and went with just what you see existing. I couldn’t figure out why people wouldn’t post. I now see. I am sure they saw how much it costs to post on other sites and figured “Nothing good is ever free”.

My intentions were to run free for everyone, and I would survive on the page views and sponsors. There was no way to explain all of that. So.. Here we are… There’s nothing to post here, but you can go elsewhere to run an add and only hire one person for just over $400.

The spam was insane. Those spam bots find you fast. and also it’s hard to get people to be the first to post on anything.
No matter what, just know that I think it’s nuts to have to pay $400 to post an employment add. Heck anything over $2 is madness. It’s just a job listing.
I mean really. If you had anything to fear, you just create a new email address or something and try your luck at getting an employee. I mean what if you are looking for a sales member? That means your sales are low and your income is reduced. last thing you should want to do is spend more money.

Should I try again with free job listing?

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Do you Play At Work?

Office Kitty
Office Kitty

Do you play around at work?
Do you get the shrieking fear that someone is looking over your shoulder while ou write an essay to your friend on Facebook about that night you can’t remember ?
Does it make you scared that you could lose your job and become unemployed because you had to spend time playing Farmville while at work ?
Was it worth it to add your boss to your Facebook account? can you no longer log into Facebook while at work because your boss is on your Facebook friends? That would clearly be your fault.
I myself suffer from this same Anxiety.
What is it about Reddit and Facebook that make us feel like we are willing to lose our careers over a stupid post? what makes us want to break away from being employed just so we can giggle at some silly cat picture? Are you reading this right now while at work?

Getting Attached to Coworkers

In office place or construction site or a retail establishment, you can and will interact with people. One of the worst things that happen is you getting to know someone and you begining to enjoy the company of that person. We all know that people quit their job or get fired or laid off. What do you do when your work buddy is gone? How do you feel when your buddy thinks things had gone wrong and many injustices came about before they had been sent on a new job search quest? Especially if you like the place you work. Do you stand by that buddy and begin searching for job and looking to change your career? Do you drop that work buddy and get back to your job and move on? What if you think you were falling in love?

There are a few posts here on that points good reason to not get close. This is a great reason to not get to close to coworkers.
Just do your job and move on. With all the people that leave your job, count on more employee coming along getting hired and taking those job positions. Yippee, new coworkers. If your are lucky, you will absorb more tricks of your trade and increase your value in a long run.

Vacation Perfection

The vacation I have waited for, for over 12 years. It is here and I am finally using it. I normally just beg what ever boss I have to allow me to cash in for a weeks extra pay in place of my vacation, that way I don’t get behind at work. Everyone is comfortable in the office and I get a few extra hundred in my bank account. I typically cash out both weeks vacation as I near Christmas. That way I make sure I have enough money to get my kid and other family members the gifts they want.

There is a co-worker in the office I work in, Every year he takes a week vacation  and travels up to watch some big Nascar event in what ever state it’s normally held in. Well, he heard I was leaving work for a while to take my first vacation since I was first employed where I am at. This guy comes to me and says to me ” If you are going on vacation, make sure you go somewhere”. My instant response was ” Um no!”. I don’t want the stress of paying for rooming and travel expenses and any other stress that may be encountered.

So here I am at home. This is perfect, the week is going so slow and I am doing nothing but relaxing and typing up content for my sites. Cat sitting in my lap. I am officially BORED! and loving it.

This is the job I need. I just have no idea how to word a resume that express what I am enjoying right now ‘ I want the day to drag on because I have jack squat to do.”.

This is the right way to spend a vacation.

At this rate, I will return to my job with no neck pains, no head aches and no back aches. Hopefully. i have been reluctant to take a break because I was scared of getting used to  being lazy and I figured it would ruin me at work when I return.

I have to advise this to everyone.  Don’t take the cash. Take a nap and get paid for it. It is worth more. Getting paid for nothing is more relaxing than getting paid double. I have found that when you take the double pay, they work you harder. So it isn’t worth it. Take the vacation.

Your employment status is what matters the most when it comes to having a future these days. Don’t ruin your ability to do your job and keep your career. Take a break, rest. Go back to work fully rested and full of steam.

Morning Coffee

The Coffee In My Office Sucks! mug

Every morning you wake up (If you’re lucky). Every morning you get dressed and head to work (If you are lucky). Half way to work you stop and grab your morning coffee. Then you head back to work. When you get to work after the commute, you sit at your desk and start your day sipping your coffee reading your emails and reminding yourself what project you left off  with yesterday.

If you’re lucky.

What really happens.

Alarm goes off, you get up hit the snooze and crawl back in bed. Finally you get up head to the shower. Drop the soap. Drop the soap again this time it’s outside the tub. Now the soap is covered in hair. You get out of the shower. Walk to your room, cat screams at you for treats. Pudgy fricken cat. You do the dance of ninjas to prevent cat hair on your clean pants. All the while listening to it scream for treats. You toss treats in the cat’s bowl so it does not follow you out as you leave. Get in your car and scoot to the stop sign only to turn the corner and sit at the world’s least fair red-light. Pull out on the street who’s speed limit changes from 35 to 45 and back down to 35 over and over in  a 6 mile stretch. The stretch with more cops on it than any 10 streets in the area.  Yep the guy in front of you has his cruise control set at 40. You can’t pass him in the 45 zone, because he will just pass you at the next 35 zone only to have you pass him again.

You make it to the coffee shop parking lot. Every self righteous jerk in town is there waiting for the perfect parking spot. Does not matter what spot you want. They all want it. You park at the place next door to avoid an aggravated door ding from the dork who had to unwillingly park one space over from the perfect spot. You walk to door. You notice the door race. What I mean by the door race is, well there are two races. There is the “me first” race and there is the ” Oh My god that door weighs 90000 lbs I will get there in time for you to hold the door for me then I will be first in line” race. So here you stand in line behind the old lady you held the door for. She is counting her pennies and telling stories of when she used to be a teacher to the “Barista” and making sure the guy/gal listens instead of making the coffee like they need to be. ” Oh honey you just need to relaxe, the coffee will be made the people will drink it and everything will be ok, life’s to short to stress over coffee”. You order your coffee . You get your coffee. It took less than 20 seconds. YEAH! You make your way to the cream depot and there is a fricken mosh pit. The old lady ex teacher is there at the front with her 50 gallon purse taking up one side of the table. She finally is done with her mix. Oops she dribbled a bit on the counter. 3 minutes go by as she is cleaning up a droplet and small grain of sugar. You chunk cream in your cup walk out stirring the coffee with the lid in your mouth.

You need to take a right out of the parking lot. Not one single car on the road to stop you from taking a right. Well of course except for the teacher granny. She is taking a left and she is waiting for the car on the right that is 1/4 mile away. Finally she is gone but someone opened up and let the cows out. You are not getting out on that road because your lane is now full of traffic. And there is some p%^$#k behind you letting into his horn.

Right you are on the road now. Doing speed limit fine. You notice you are approaching a little white car who might be doing less than the speed limit. You go to pass him and now it’s a race. You find yourself doing 15 over the speed limit. So you slow down. The clown is now slowing down with you. You look over and see it’s a woman putting on makeup. She apparently is using you to judge her speed while she does this. If she stays next to you she should be fine… Right?  She sooo could poke her eye out like that. So you hit your brakes a little hard to make her hit hers. You then gun it and cruise on down the road.

Red lights are not in your favor today. Every slow freak on the road who is in the other lane, sees that you are far back enough that they can jump in your lane and be the first at the red light. Only to do 10 under the speed limit. Totally cancels out anything that person thought they were achieving by being first off the light. You look down while at the light, and see that your coffee cup lid sucks and you have a bit of coffee on your console.Yep you used the last of the napkins last time this happened. You have nothing but a hat you don’t wear.

Park your car and walk to the door. And here we are again with the local door races again. You stop, step aside, and let everyone pile into the building while you sit there and finally get a sip of your coffee. You walk toward the elevator only to see all of the people you let go first, hitting the close button on the elevator. You wait 4 seconds because you didn’t want to ride with those selfish freaks anyway. Now here comes the new herd of office buffalo wanting to ride your button mashing skills. That’s cool, The hot chick from the second floor is in this mesh of people. Of course she stands no where near you on the elevator though. And she is on her cell phone with her kid? or moron boytoy…. Who knows….. but they do not seem to have a job, since they are talking about finding the tv remote and what time wheel of fortune comes on.

You make it to your desk and hit the start button on your pc and click on your monitor. You are relieved to be at work. You sip your coffee and drip a tad on your new white shirt. You get an email that says you have about 20 minutes to be at a meeting upstairs. You are short noticed that you will be giving the presentation. and all you can think about is that stupid brown dot on your shirt.

You open your email again and the server times out. Clearly someone sent you a honking massive file. You leave the email open and let it do it’s thing while you head off to the meeting. That all goes as suspected. You talked a lot about your new brown dot. Make it to your desk and see that someone from the office sent you some video they thought was funny. Hence the massive server issue and the timing out of the email. For the life of you, you can not remember what it was you had been working on the day before. The continuous  pop ins to the office of passerby people who have their words of wit typically some weird statement while making a gun shape with their fingers [I don’t care what the boss says, I think you’re alright] or some other phrase that if you haven’t heard a million times by now, you just got out of a coma , really makes the task of remembering a bit harder.
Bing! lunch time.

You walk next door to the sandwich shop. Again the races are on. and get your favorite stale bread sandwich and suddenly you remember that what you were working on was your speech for today’s 6am meeting, that you already had. and winged it.

You get upstairs to your desk eat your sandwich while the office coffee machine is brewing it’s black ink that you prepared. Finish your sandwich to walk over there and turn on a new batch of coffee, since everyone chugged the other batch you just made. This time you wait in the breakroom. While waiting some dill hole comes in and starts a conversation with you while holding the handle of the coffee pot waiting for it to dispense enough coffee into the pot for him to pour the strongest part of the batch into his cup. You try to explain to the guy that he will be assuring that the rest of the coffee will now be weak, but he either doesn’t get it, or he doesn’t care. I assume we can call him carelessly stupid. Of course his hand is still on the coffee pot handle.

Now you are next door getting coffee from the sandwich shop.

You have made it back up stairs 15 minutes late back from lunch. You sit at your desk and get a page to help someone with their computer. You make it back to your desk and feel like you have forgotten something. Where is your coffee? Ok trek back to the chubby chick’s office and get your coffee. Nope. she trashed it. because she didn’t know who’s it could be.

Start another pot of coffee, run to your desk and print out your latest experiment you want to show the boss, while the coffee brews. Get to the printer only to find that one of the people in collections saw what you had printed and was so confused by it  they thought it was a joke so they crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

Grab coffee cup and rinse it and pour yourself some charred greasy ink blotted coffee that is so greasy it has a rainbow in it, into your cup. You thought you would outsmart the dude who likes his coffee strong; by making this next pot way strong, so that the rest of the coffee won’t be so weak. He seems to not be in the office right now.

Now everyone is upset because the coffee stinks and tastes bad.

You get in the elevator, get in your car, get in traffic wishing the car would finally cool off, you get home and can’t understand why you are so tired.

You have had a day that turned into a coffee quest. When actually the coffee was to be a perk in the first place.

Office Relocation Finally Done

When I first got hired on, I had a make shift desk.

My first work computer.

It took ten minutes for that computer to boot. I told the I.T. guy I had a knack for removing viruses. So he gave me cooty vill. some computer left behind that had like 500 viruses on it. I really miss that hardwood floor. I could scoot around with a breeze.

But we got a great deal on a new office in a better building.

Less than a year after we moved into a large office on the fourth floor of a building in Houston

The Day I got my cubicle
Top View of cubicle

We find it is time to leave.

Good Reason To change Office location

Read The Whole Story on how a leasing agency skipped out on us as renters.

On Short notice, we  turned to one of our most common customers. One of Houston’s largest contractors. They were happy to accommodate us with a temporary place to hold us, and to give us a better deal than what we were getting at the previous location. but for a short time we had to stay in a small corner of the building. Don’t get me wrong, we were so happy that we had air conditioning again and someone to take out the trash and bathrooms with full supplies.

First we had to break down the old office. 48 cubicles. (could be more. probably more)

Empty cubicles 🙁

Next we had to break down the server.

Breaking Down the Server
Other side of the Rack

The Resident geek and I spent forever keeping every wire in order, neat and organized. 48 cubicles wired in and 20 offices wired in and like 4 different servers for different duties.  and now we had to tear it all down.

Then we had to move it to the new office.

Moving The Rack

The darn thing would not fit in the elevator.

Trust that we got the Server upstairs. but for a short time, the rack was sitting somewhere behind a bunch of junk in the area we all shared crammed into 5 offices. All of us!.

Here is what I first snapped together for myself the night before everyone else moved.

My Miniature Desk

It didn’t last forever. i just waited for everyone to get a desk before I wandered around to get myself one.


Okay, that desk rocks. It’s like 400lbs with all the drawers in. I love it. You have to understand, I have had some crummy jobs. None of them dealt with me sitting down.

We soon hooked up a temporary server in our temporary I.T. room.

Resident Geek

Our resident geek’s temporary office. Our server was pretty much what you see on the little light colored table thingy with wheels. and the little fold up rack next to it.

My office is almost done

The walls are up for my new office. Man this month is going to be long.

Sheet Rocking my new office.

Nearly two weeks have gone by, they are finally working on MY office again. Woo hoo! (oh and the exit sign was relocated.)

Woo hooo Painted

Some of us really get at each other. Even the owner of the company is sick of a few people. but you gotta give it to the guy. He could have stayed home in his own personal office and made the  resident geek and I make sure he has a safe strong connection. He sat with us along with his dad the CEO of the company. Pretty cool.

Meanwhile, everything we had like the color plotter and large office printers and a ton or two of desks were all in PODS provided by a company called “PACK RAT”. 7 pods.

Guess who emptied them

Our resident geek the whole time was wiring up the rack in the new I.T. room. There wasn’t much I could do to help. He did a great job.

I.T. Administration

Well they finished my office. It looks great. but a ton smaller than what the drawings showed. The scale was way off.

My office is complete.
My office Is complete

Here’s the new bullpen before all of the cubicles get built.

New office floor is finally done. This is wonderful stuff.
New bullpen

The bullpen looks great. It’s going to hold 24 cubicles.

The rest of them are spare parts.

Ok office again

Notice the chair with the Monitors in it. Have not yet moved my desk in at this point. That drafting table will have to go. I never use that dang thing. I have autodesk, it’s not like I sit with a ruler and pencil to do my drawings.

We are almost moved in.
Bull pen cluttered

Everything is moved in . nothing is in order but everything is moved in. I guess that month cluttered and cramped has ruined us.

Finally moved in but have not setteled in
The new office with my desk

My desk in the Office now. Man I need to clean stuff up a bit.

Resident Geek’s Office

The resident geek’s office.  Cool he has been at a cramped crummy desk for about month, now he has his desk back.

It does not kill you to have to move. It does not kill you to hang through the tough spots. Things get better and working quietly can happen. Even in the worst conditions. This was an emergency building relocation, and we survived.

Can’t wait to paint the new company logo in the front office.

If you have an office moving or building relocation story feel free to tell it. Good or bad.

Office Relationships

We all work with people. We all work with many people through our lifetimes. We all get to know things about people we would never talk to outside of our job’s environment. If you have ever seen The Breakfast Club then you just had a flash of the moment they are all upstairs sharing a moment when one of them says something along the lines of anyone would talk to the others outside of detention. The truth is no.

If you put people together in an area long enough, they will start to feel some sort of a connection. I have no idea why this is. I just know it happens. This connection is actually only felt while in that environment. Separate them and that feeling fades fast.

We all know that one super hot person at work and imagine a jaunt behind the filing cabinets and we all know that would make for an awesome day at work. We also know that will get us fired and completely incapable of of using that place as a reference on a resume. Ruining our past and crippling our future.

I have never worked with a female that I thought was just the hottest living creature ever. but while at work, they surely are the hottest readily available. See this is worse than beer goggles. This is more like a radius settling. It is always in your best interest to not settle. If you lower your standards, you go against your own judgment. Judgment that says ” hey that person is a jerk”. In those cases you get yourself into some situations that alter your state.

The riskier the relationship, the more appealing the other person becomes. Bosses daughter or son. Fact is, they will have done this with every person they wanted to. They just no longer work at your location and you are just a replacement until they are done with you. So you will never know just how long that list is.

That clearly isn’t the biggest issue. Lowering your standards isn’t the one thing that makes this bad news. It is the chance of losing your job. A job that you clearly enjoy or you wouldn’t be there. It is the chance of  doing something stupid That you can never take back.

Love your job, take a second review at that person and see past the idea that you can finally get your whim out, or get a sealed position in the company because you are doinking the most powerful person there that is accessible to you. That last one will always lead to you getting fired. ALWAYS.

Stare at that person and realize ” I can do better’ because the boss’s  daughter/son has a thin crappy selfish personality and is not near as attractive as you deserve.

There is no such thing as “office romance” there is just a bunch of kids trying to live out some old story they read or heard.

Is joblessness on the rise

I myself have been wondering if people have been losing jobs more than before or is it some scare tactic to gain readers/listeners/watcher that the news is pulling. Are we in time where there is a larger percentage of people on welfare, or is there just more people in the united states  who collect unemployment checks.

It’s hard to tell. I get plenty of readers here, but no one actually uses the job search. I really am under the impress that there are just more people in the country who can apply for unemployment.I am also under the impression that there really just aren’t that many people willing to look for a job. Well then again, not everybody is jobless with internet. so I have to factor in the chance that many people have no access. but there are millions out there that know it’s about to happen (if things are as bad as the news says it is). These people still have internet access. My actual search hits are extremely low.

I know it works fine I have used the job search and tested it out. I have to to make sure people get what they need. I don’t like the idea of a false offering. On that note if you tried and it was not up to what you needed, please explain what you needed and what you ended up getting. I will fix the issue. If you tried it and got a job, please let me know. It would be a great feeling to know  I did something free  that was good.

Looking at the Department of Labor I just don’t see it.

For release 10:00 a.m. (EDT) Thursday, May 27, 2010                    USDL-10-0721

Technical information:  (202) 691-6378  *  *
Media contact:          (202) 691-5902  *


The share of families with an unemployed member rose from 7.8 percent in 2008
to 12.0 percent in 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The
proportion of families with an unemployed member in 2009 was at its highest le-
vel since the data series began in 1994. Of the nation's 78.4 million families,
80.4 percent had at least one employed member in 2009, down by 1.8 percentage
points from 2008. 

These data on employment, unemployment, and family relationships are collected
as part of the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly sample survey of ap-
proximately 60,000 households. Families include married-couple families, as well
as families maintained by a man or woman with no spouse present. For further
information about the CPS, see the Technical Note.

Families and Unemployment

There were 9.4 million families with at least one unemployed member in 2009, up
from 6.1 million in 2008. The proportion of families with an unemployed member
was 6.3 percent in 2007; it rose to 7.8 percent in 2008 and to 12.0 percent in
2009. (See table 1.)

Black and Hispanic families were more likely to have an unemployed member (17.4
and 16.9 percent, respectively) than were white (11.1 percent) and Asian (11.4
percent) families in 2009. Most families with an unemployed member also have at
least one family member who is employed. Among families with an unemployed mem-
ber in 2009, 68.6 percent also had an employed member, compared with 70.8 per-
cent in 2008. (See table 1.)

Among married-couple families with an unemployed member in 2009, 79.9 percent
had an employed member, down from 82.5 percent in 2008. For families maintained
by women (no spouse present) with an unemployed member, the proportion that also
contained an employed member was lower in 2009 (46.1 percent) than in 2008 (49.1
percent). For families maintained by men (no spouse present), the proportion
fell to 52.6 percent in 2009 from 57.3 percent in 2008. (See table 3.)

Families and Employment

The share of families with an employed member was lower in 2009 (80.4 percent)
than in 2008 (82.2 percent). The likelihood of having an employed family member
declined over the year for families of all major race and ethnicity groups.
(See table 1.)

In 2009, families maintained by women with no spouse present were less likely
to have an employed member (72.8 percent) than were married-couple families
(82.4 percent) or families maintained by men with no spouse present (79.8 per-
cent). The share of families with an employed member declined over the year
for all family types. (See table 2.)

Both the husband and wife were employed in 48.5 percent of married-couple fami-
lies in 2009, compared with 51.4 percent in 2008. Married-couple families in
which only the wife worked accounted for 8.4 percent of all married-couple fami-
lies in 2009, compared with 6.9 percent in 2008. The husband was the only em-
ployed member in 19.6 percent of married-couple families in 2009, essentially
unchanged from a year earlier. (See table 2.)

Families with Children

Forty-four percent of all families included children (sons, daughters, step-
children, and adopted children) under age 18. Among the 34.8 million families
with children, 87.8 percent had an employed parent in 2009, down from 90.0 per-
cent in 2008. The mother was employed in 67.8 percent of families maintained
by women with no spouse present in 2009, and the father was employed in 76.6
percent of those maintained by men with no spouse present. Among married-couple
families with children, 95.7 percent had an employed parent in 2009, down from
97.0 percent in 2008. Both the mother and father were employed in 58.9 percent
of married-couple families with children in 2009, also lower than a year earlier.
(See table 4.)


The labor force participation rate--the percent of the population working or look-
ing for work--for all mothers with children under 18 was 71.4 percent in 2009, un-
changed from 2008. In 2009, the participation rate for married mothers with spouse
present (69.6 percent) was lower than the rate for mothers in other marital statuses
(75.8 percent). Married mothers were equally as likely to be employed as mothers in
other marital statuses, but their unemployment rate was substantially lower--5.8 per-
cent in 2009, compared with 13.6 percent for mothers in other marital statuses. Unem-
ployment rates increased in 2009 for mothers of all marital statuses. (See table 5.)

Mothers with younger children are less likely to be in the labor force than mothers
with older children. In 2009, the labor force participation rate of mothers with
children under 6 years old (64.2 percent) was lower than the rate of those whose
youngest child was 6 to 17 years old (77.3 percent). The participation rate of
mothers with infants under a year old was 56.6 percent. The participation rate of
married mothers of infants (56.1 percent) was slightly lower than for those with
other marital statuses (57.8 percent). However, the unemployment rate for married
mothers of infants, at 7.0 percent, was significantly lower than the rate for mothers
with other marital statuses (22.3 percent). (See tables 5 and 6.)

Of course those stats are last year. and a lot of stuff can change in the employment world in 6 months time.

Downside Of Being I.T. Guy at Work

All I.T. guys know this. So if you do not know this, then you are a new I.T. guy, or not an I.T. guy. Lol remember this, it means nothing in the end. okay? Keep a sense of humor.

No business can run on just one I.T. guy. This is a job that requires a difference of opinion. This can be stressful for each I.T. person. There will be conflicts. The other I.T. person(s) can be your best friend(s). It will not matter. You will have the dumbest arguments and geekiest disputes that makes no sense to anyone but you and the others in your field. Everyone around you who does not do what you do, will most likely be laughing at just how pointless your disagreement really sounds. The rest of the people in the office do not care if you are talking about upgrading or updating a burned out server that crashes every time someone uses a file greater than 10mb. That is until it crashes for a 10mb file.

Your pay should be quite fair. That is of course if your work is appreciated.In most cases, it is completely over looked, until there is a problem. at that time, they may only wonder why there is a problem in the first place. Especially if you do your job. So you have to  make it clear that hardware has life expectancies, software has boundaries, usually over shot by curious users. Make sure the higher ups know that you can fix the issues that arise, when they arise.

The hardest part is getting your point of view out there without a huge dispute or argument, especially if you have an overly argumentative I.T. co-worker.

That one guy who does not care what anyone says, he is nothing but correct. I try to not be him, but I notice it more in other IT guys though. Your safest bet is to note what the others are good at, and what you are good at and find a way to separate your duties from theirs and theirs from yours.  Also good to do is to have a decent understanding of what they do so you can fill in when they are not there. Do not learn it to step on their toes. Do not bother offering your information to any know it alls (lol all of us are know it alls). You will just start an I.Q. argument that way. Just trust he/she knows enough to get by while you are on vacation. Include the other persons “expertise” in your projects. Make it clear you are not giving up the project to their all knowing endless mental power, but you do appreciate their knowledge in certain fields and would like to include them. Same with you. If you are asked to help with a small portion of a project. do that . Get in, get out. Get on to a job you normally do. Don’t get roped in and don’t get pushed out.

Sorry all I got for now.

Layoff Season

Well, it’s that time of year again. Company’s taxes are paid, business slows a bit, supplies are all new and caught up. No one has been hired in months. It’s getting very near to time for raises again. The company is at the point where they have to make choices. Do they evolve and grow? or should they keep the dead weight and dredge on? Big part of giving raises is showing the people who deserve the notoriety, how the company appreciates their efforts. Your boss really shows that he/she likes a person’s work by not removing them from the payroll.

If by chance your boss decides you do not fit the plan. read the How To Find A Job post I put up a couple days ago. and then Head over to the Job Search page and type in the job title and the name of your city. Watch the magic. I made it quite easy for you.

So what does this mean to you?

As cannibalistic as this may sound, do your math. the company saves how much money for removing or laying off a person? Calculate how many people  get fired or laid off . Estimate an average pay between the removed . Divide by the number of currently still employed. Subtract 20% from each pile you just created. That is the ideal amount to your raise. Why remove the 20%?  Well it is time to start saving money for the company to grow, until the next person is hired. All money saved now will account for the money spent on the replacement co-worker. Remember, they are now paying less people more money. Bringing in another person increases the amount of money spent to run the company. That person is needed. That person was needed when the last guy/gal got hired. She/He just was not efficient.

How do you prevent getting laid off?

Do your job. Pretty simple right? well actually it is. Just do what you do. Do not try and super flaming bright shine near the time of year you see the lay off season coming on. You have to build quarterly magnificent greatness, while still doing your typical normal duties. If you wait till the last second to do all that, you will look nervous and draw attention to yourself. One thing in life we all know, if you pay enough attention to something with skepticism, you will find something. And well preconceived negativity produces negative outcome. The quarterly idea, it gives you three months to be creative or to build to something crazy, wild, creative, innovative, most of all useful to the company. So if you have great idea of how to make things better, easier, funner, you have three months to come up with a way to implement it into your routine. You have three months to come up with a way to present it. You surely do not want to just get an idea and slap it out to the boss without thinking how to best present it. So get thinking.

How to Prevent Lay Off Anxiety

You know when it will happen. Just look back at last year when you got your raise. Think about a month before that date. There you go. Now that you know, you realize the people who are no longer on the backside of your cubicle making their best jokes or throwing paper over the wall (actually that guy never gets fired) are a product of  company growth. They aren’t sick, they aren’t on vacation. They are gone for good. Don’t let out a huge sigh. That would be foolish. You still have a month to go. There will be more people disappearing like the extras in a boring horror flick. You best bet;  Don’t dill around! Get to work. Stay working. Do not, the life of you , do not call in sick, do not come in late, I don’t care how bad you want that cup of coffee on your way to work, if that line is long, get out of it and get your butt to work. Turn your cell phone ringer off. Don’t pay your bills online. Don’t check your personal emails. Do not do anything that is not work related. Focus. If you lose focus, the day will be the longest day of  your life. Look deep into your work. Dig up that project you have been avoiding, or dig up that job that is crazy hard (probably same job). Get to that one. It will take all of your attention and be productive. It will give you challenge. You do not have growth without challenge. You can might just come into something cool that makes your easy jobs, even easier. When it is all said and done, for the life of you and your career, do not gloat. Even if you really did not like one of the people fired. The release of the anxiety will probably delude you, do not gloat.

Be happy you are employed.