Manager is Not a Boss

These are things I have to remind myself when in a work place. They help me remember myself and my standing  and they keep me centered my career goals and my self respect.  The stuff on this page may not be correct for you at all in any way, but for me this is what keeps me moving and not being pigeon holed into a position I do not want to hold in a job.

My personal reminders:
Your manager in your workplace is an organizer, not a leader, not a boss.
The manager is a scheduler who gets minimal bookkeeping duties to fill their time.
The manager is the boss’s tattle tale. You do things that are against company policy, the manager’s duty is to tell on you. You can not be upset with the manager for doing this. It is one of their expected tasks and duties.
The manager of the place you work at has zero authority over you and your beliefs, as long as you are doing what needs to be done.
When a manager has to tell you they are your boss, inform them “The boss is the one that signs my checks and the one you have to go to, to get permission to fire me or give me a raise, when was the last time you gave me a raise again?”.
The manager is the most dependable person who is the least fit for the rest of the jobs. Basically they show up everyday and have some knowledge of the services provided but is too big of train wreck (or slow worker too) to be of any use elsewhere. Or that person would be used to perform the services.

The assistant manager is the person doing all of the work that the manager should do. basically the managers lackey who walks around telling the manager how cool he/she is. Has zero authority.

Do you Play At Work?

Office Kitty
Office Kitty

Do you play around at work?
Do you get the shrieking fear that someone is looking over your shoulder while ou write an essay to your friend on Facebook about that night you can’t remember ?
Does it make you scared that you could lose your job and become unemployed because you had to spend time playing Farmville while at work ?
Was it worth it to add your boss to your Facebook account? can you no longer log into Facebook while at work because your boss is on your Facebook friends? That would clearly be your fault.
I myself suffer from this same Anxiety.
What is it about Reddit and Facebook that make us feel like we are willing to lose our careers over a stupid post? what makes us want to break away from being employed just so we can giggle at some silly cat picture? Are you reading this right now while at work?

The Boss (video)

Just one of those videos I made to represent the way I feel

Does it not seem like the laziest, most worthless person with the slowest  learning (of the job) skills but most open personality seems to always get the boss position and put into management above you? Their attitude always sucks once that happens. Well here’s a foreman video.

I call this video, The Boss

Forward this to that fat lazy thieving piece of trash you are certain will be your boss soon. and basically, wish him/her luck.