What To Do When it’s Time To Go

If you find it is time to leave the place you are at, You have a couple things to do before you can go.
First thing on your list is to find another job. Second is to leave your current job on a good note. Two week notice, work normally for the last two weeks. Leave work items behind and take all personal items with you. Leave fuel cards behind, and things like that.
If you have direct deposit, then you do not have to show your face in that place again. This is good if you are wanting to be gone forever.
Steam time
Under no circumstances should you hit the guy you have zeroed in on. We all look around before we quit and say “who am I going to hit before I leave?”, but it is probably best if we do not hit that person. No matter how much they have belittled you or ripped you off or just underhanded you, you have to ignore that feeling. Save that for some strange day in the future when you have to let them know, that the pay check and job position muscle is a fairytale best expressed in the office and that person needs to go back there before they hurt themselves.
If you must leave and feel as if you are getting revenge, then a tuna salad with no lid in a paper bag labeled “do not touch” tucked in the back of the fridge is fair enough. No personal attacks on anyone. That never ends well.

Do not make a scene. Do not tell on that one person who has been doing  the things that irritated you up to this point. The boss will be more likely to side with the person who stayed, so your words will fall on deaf ears. Besides, if the boss hasn’t seen it yet, they won’t see it ever, until it’s too late.


I personally do everything I can, to not quit a job, so I do not recommend anyone ever quit a job, unless they have a better offer.


If the new place you move to can offer something to the place you left, and you can get them a discount, while the old place can get you a discount, you might just want to try and use your pull. But if you left on any bad terms with any of the ex-coworkers, probably a good idea to leave that part alone.

Are you an Engineer

Seems here lately, everyone is called “engineer”.

half of these jobs people are talking about don’t even have the word engineer in it’s structure.

Look folks, you are not a gas station engineer, or a cheeseburger engineer or a food distribution engineer.  You need to face what the name of your position really is. If you work in a gas station, you are a cashier,clerk,attendant,manager or janitor. If you work in a burger joint, you are a burger flipper. You are not certified to call yourself a cook, nor are you certified to be called engineer.

If you want to be an actual engineer at something, go get the proper qualified certification. Then use the title.


Rant out.

Why Working for Tips Sucks

This is the story about the worst tip ever.
A man goes to Austin Grill on January 8th 2012
Has a meal and then in the tip area of the bill, leaves a note for Zachary (the waiter).

Worst Tip Ever
Worst Tip Ever

The receipt tip area reads

I make more than you do.
My time is worth more than yours.

My question is, “was the guy being specific when he mentioned ‘time’ ” ?

Just another day late to work

Go figure. I see a long line waiting for the red light. Can’t see around the huge monstrosity of a gas guzzler vehicle in front of me, I am far left. Some guy wants in from the middle lane. He of course is in a massive vehicle that has a super slow take off.
Traffic in my lane starts cruising. I get up and see there was an accident, tow trucks and police everywhere. My lane is wide open. Officer steps in my way and tells me to stop.
I am the first to have to wait until the pick up truck, wedged between two polls is pulled out. Sad thing is. He was pushed into there by another vehicle that is already on a flatbed tow truck.
I was running early. Turned out. I was ten minutes late.

I am I T Guy – Not Servant

One of the hardest issues of being an IT guy, is that everyone thinks you are an electrical janitor or servant.

Truth is, you are not. Your duty is to be the guy that come up with a solution to an issue, a solution that you are the only person qualified to make. You are not the guy that they say “ok, take this broken monitor and this broken computer and have it working in fifteen minutes, I have work to do”. That call is just irrational. Maybe the boss can say what he wants and what he expects of you, and you have the choice to try and oblige the request or look for a new job. So, have some reserve for those who pay you.
Now this does not be mean to people walk around calling them stupid. but you can not whimper your voice while you tell them that the request they are making is not possible.

Now that I have the intro out of the way, here is what happened to me today that lead to this story.

Today, I am working on my cad drawings, but stopped for a brief, maybe 20 seconds to find pandora.com and sign in and hit shuffle so I could just tone out the local ambiance in the building (the guy with the cough who gargles up his lung  mud and snorts his snot, but never spits, the fat girl who goes into baby talk while she calls every single person over their  phone com, and asks them to come into her office, the bathroom door slamming constantly, and the hand full of dudes talking about fantasy football in denial about it being dungeons and dragons for the slow witted). What happens? someone walks into my office steps behind my monitor and yells out “see told ya, he is just playing around on the internet”. and says ” We have a printer at (coworker’s name)’s desk we need you to hook up” So instantly, since I am the I.T. guy, I know that the only printer that no one is using, is messed up. so I ask “Which printer? not that white one from the first cubicle right?”. and I get a response like this ” Look, she is cutting out checks, if you don’t do this I will have to tell Dave”. Dave is a random name to represent my boss’s name. I’m dumb founded that someone would make such a stupid statement, so dumbfounded I can’t speak. This leads tardo to think I am submitting to this threat. Without even hearing what I have to say, without asking if I was busy, without checking if that computer already has the drivers loaded, by just plugging in to see what happens. Well just between you and me, I hate that printer. It takes forever to hook up and most of the time, It will not work. Just loads and loads of problems. The computer it was hooked up to was the only computer it has ever been successfully hooked up to. and of course it is the pretty lady’s desk who is only in the office twice a week. She can’t even defend her own printer. The ugly squad has assigned themselves to just take what ever they want from her desk.  So I say” that printer is never going to work on that computer, you need another printer. Tell Dave what ever makes you feel good”. That person who is in charge of ordering junk, found it in their duty to tell me what my duty is. And they are an idiot who has no idea if that printer even works.Well, it does. Kind of. but there was no one in the world it work on that other computer.

So I tell them both no and that it will not happen, the printer does not work well. I told them they need to find another printer elsewhere. They both explained to me repeatedly how it HAS TO BE THAT PRINTER. I explained again and again and again, that yes I know that IT has duties, but it can not be performed with THAT printer. It will not happen.
an hour or two goes by and they mumble and grumble repeatedly and make a scene about my every move.. So I walk over 6there I hook up the printer I download the 2 500 mb installers . takes a fricken Hour.. So for an hour she can not use her computer. I start the install of the first printer program, the drivers. The install gets  about 1/3 of the way … slowly. BAM. memory dump. So I reboot the computer. As soon as the dang screen goes black, her comes tardo again and she looks over my shoulder and yells out ” he’s just now turning the computer on”. I explain ” No the computer just crashed and it rebooting”. guess what she says ‘ you don’t know how to do this without it crashing?” @$#%^!!!!. what the heck. after a few shots of showing these people that the software is forcing a memory dump (that computer is beat, it’s quite old). I explain once again that the other computer is the only one that I have been able to get to work with that printer. Guess what their next brilliant idea is. They should give that computer to her. That computer is already taken. I explain that it would take me several hours to set that machine up with her backed up emails on it, and they respond with “well get started”.
See I have been way to polite already. The more polite I try to be about this, the more they try and run me over without a care about the part timer who’s printer they tried to take, and then who’s computer they are about to attempt to claim priority over.

So here I am. Two hours behind on my work, hooking up the printer that was already there, explaining again ” We need a new printer, there is no printer available” while listening to them say ” this printer wrinkles the paper and I am in a hurry”. No sense of logic was used in that conversation. at all.

Somewhere management needs to step in. because I can’t go around being rude to people to make them understand that An IT guy is not a personal servant, or a magician.

Got Mine in a Knott

I am officially broke.

I have exceeded my income capabilities.

Credit card, house note, all insurance all utilities and my income, leaves me almost enough for food and gas every week and that is it. If I am lucky.
I need a second income.
So I am in the processes of job hunting. I just need a second job for a short time. Just long enough to get a few bills knocked down and get myself on top of my issues. I am sure that the less I am home, the less my electric and gas bill can get. Unless I leave stuff on. So If I am working somewhere on top of my current job, generating an income on top of my current income while reducing my bill, I should get good and far ahead. Fast.

On the downside. The bill is to pay for my house. Which I will be spending less time at. and that makes me twitch.

It’s not like I am poor or in a bad line of business. I have just set my expenses at the very upper edge of my ability. So far up there, I have cut into my meal money.
Considering it is Holiday season, I should be able to get some temp work in. Shouldn’t I?

Any Writers out there?

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just understand, you will not get traffic from just a single post only 100 letters long. and I do have readers that might freak out if you act weird. So be cool and they will be cool.

Foreman Confidence

You ever notice that when someone is allowed to control the way other people handle actions, they suddenly think of themselves as being a bit more invincible? Like when you watch those top model shows. You see these flaming tacky gay guys who dress as gaudy and horrible as possible with neon hair garter belts over their overalls with their socks on the outside, being rude to these beautiful models yelling at them and convincing them they know beauty better than the ladies. We all know the guys got the job because they are friends with someone. Clearly. So do the potential models. but to get to where they need to be, they treat these dudes like everything they say is the holy water that saves them.
Well a manager in a burger place can be the same thing to the people who have to work under their command. The manager at a gas station usually is that way. We all know that the person who usually gets elected to management or anywhere out of the role of the working employee, usually is the one who was worse at the job than anyone. They are a friend of someone who sees them “struggling” so the friend offers them help and sticks them in a position that a monkey can do “sit here, put on your meany face and tell them no when they ask for anything”.

Well I have noticed that while working in an office for a company that has a few managers that come and go out of the office, managers who are over specific fields in the industry, they will actually put on their “look at me, this is my meany face, don’t make me put on my tough guy face” expressions no matter what you say to them. It’s at that point I would like to trip the asshat, Tea bag with a slightly winded double dip and inform them that I do not work for them and they do not work for me and we do not work in the same field, so breaking them would quite entertaining and give me plenty to laugh about for the next few days.

Foreman Confidence – False Sense of Pride. There are other methods that work. The latter is for the small minded fool who is too ignorant to try other methods until something works.
Well to help you people make it to a better management time and  smoother class of employees in a work atmosphere that exceeds your current experience, the magic word for you is , “Morale”.  Morale can go a very long way. Eject anyone who breaks morale, and you now have respect. Simple as that. No threats. No stupid faces. Just increase morale to increase productivity. If one person steps away from or tries to deflect Morale, you eject them. If someone breaks productivity, you eject them. You replace them. High Morale means High respect and desire to keep everyone happy and leads to good productivity. Bad or low productivity is a direct reflection of low morale. FYI incintives do not create morale unless the incentives are produced by fellow employees. Incentives introduced by management turn into compensation or a form of wage, probably best not to even consider a leather jacket lotto.

I do understand that some employees will try and hard ball their way into not having to work. This in turn pretty much treats the manager like a punk. Again, it’s just a bluff. Just like the manager, it’s just a bluff. They both don’t want anything to come of them being a jerk, other than intended plans. Everything else would be beyond their expectations. I have no idea why anyone does either. Does it make this little three minute window, a tad bit better? Do you know that might be upsetting someone else? Do you live you life thinking no one ever flies off the handle that the jails are only full of bad people and never provoked people? “Doubt” is the fools science. but then again. by the odds, it’s one in every 3000, at best that snap and just break the office jerk. Or at least try.

Just something I noticed about people in charge in the office, in the field and in retail. There is this false sense of pride thing that says if you act like a jerk, people under your watch will respect you.

How do you handle this person at work? what do you do to make this person in your work place stop making your job suck so bad? Without trying to act tougher than you are, or without acting tough to someone who does not even want to try and be that way towards you? Would it be wise to let them know how you feel about their actions? They probably wouldn’t believe you.

Downside of Tech Guy Jobs

I have found myself stressed out by the one job I love. I love techy stuff. I love every aspect of the work. But I do not like getting around other I.T. people. These people have to argue about every single thing they can . If you say gravity keeps me grounded, they will look for some technical way of turning your wittiest comment into a dead joke.

Fellow I.T. people, is a joke of a statement in it’s self.  They will never work with anyone. They just want you to give them the whole job and go away before you screw the whole thing up with your idocity. yeah… my word. They will refuse to come to you know matter how long they have to work on something to get it done. I on the other hand know that I am at work and will be willing to cut the time in half by asking for clue in an area  I am unfamiliar with, or have forgotten due to practical obsoletion.

I can almost work with any I.T. guy because I am not competitive with my hobbies. I am only competitive with labor. and yes I call Tech a hobby because that is all it will ever be to me. If I get paid for my hobby, then that’s just right out awesome. If I get paid good for it, then that’s just amazing.

Never answer a tech guy’s question with words. Never put anything in writing. It will be scrutinized to the core of the very last letter of each word. So just show them by doing, and move on.

Stagnated Coworkers

One of the hardest things to face when you are the “go to” guy at the office is that everyone in the office will stop work as they come into something they “go to” you about, until they can get information from you that allows them to proceed.

It’s great to be worth something in the office. It’s great to be needed. It’s a huge plus when you are the one that everyone counts on. but it’s a whole lot of stress when you realize that you do the work and everyone else does the filler and detail. It’s much like the local car-wash, or the diner. The guys in the back do all all of the work, but you give a tip to the lady who brought you the food, or the guy who just sprayed air freshener into your car. Not the guy who cooked your whole meal, or the guy who scrubbed the bug guts off your head lights.

Sometimes you will find that the employees that count on you the most, will just sit on their hands and swing their feet while they wait for you to do what they need to be done. and all of the blame will be on you.

For some reason, when one guy changes the paper in the printer, he becomes the designated printer paper changer guy from there on out. No one will work until that guy changes the paper in the printer. No one!.

I sit ok to tell people to do it themselves? or is it better to just be needed? what if you are deep into a project?