Just another day late to work

Go figure. I see a long line waiting for the red light. Can’t see around the huge monstrosity of a gas guzzler vehicle in front of me, I am far left. Some guy wants in from the middle lane. He of course is in a massive vehicle that has a super slow take off.
Traffic in my lane starts cruising. I get up and see there was an accident, tow trucks and police everywhere. My lane is wide open. Officer steps in my way and tells me to stop.
I am the first to have to wait until the pick up truck, wedged between two polls is pulled out. Sad thing is. He was pushed into there by another vehicle that is already on a flatbed tow truck.
I was running early. Turned out. I was ten minutes late.

Foreman Confidence

You ever notice that when someone is allowed to control the way other people handle actions, they suddenly think of themselves as being a bit more invincible? Like when you watch those top model shows. You see these flaming tacky gay guys who dress as gaudy and horrible as possible with neon hair garter belts over their overalls with their socks on the outside, being rude to these beautiful models yelling at them and convincing them they know beauty better than the ladies. We all know the guys got the job because they are friends with someone. Clearly. So do the potential models. but to get to where they need to be, they treat these dudes like everything they say is the holy water that saves them.
Well a manager in a burger place can be the same thing to the people who have to work under their command. The manager at a gas station usually is that way. We all know that the person who usually gets elected to management or anywhere out of the role of the working employee, usually is the one who was worse at the job than anyone. They are a friend of someone who sees them “struggling” so the friend offers them help and sticks them in a position that a monkey can do “sit here, put on your meany face and tell them no when they ask for anything”.

Well I have noticed that while working in an office for a company that has a few managers that come and go out of the office, managers who are over specific fields in the industry, they will actually put on their “look at me, this is my meany face, don’t make me put on my tough guy face” expressions no matter what you say to them. It’s at that point I would like to trip the asshat, Tea bag with a slightly winded double dip and inform them that I do not work for them and they do not work for me and we do not work in the same field, so breaking them would quite entertaining and give me plenty to laugh about for the next few days.

Foreman Confidence – False Sense of Pride. There are other methods that work. The latter is for the small minded fool who is too ignorant to try other methods until something works.
Well to help you people make it to a better management time and  smoother class of employees in a work atmosphere that exceeds your current experience, the magic word for you is , “Morale”.  Morale can go a very long way. Eject anyone who breaks morale, and you now have respect. Simple as that. No threats. No stupid faces. Just increase morale to increase productivity. If one person steps away from or tries to deflect Morale, you eject them. If someone breaks productivity, you eject them. You replace them. High Morale means High respect and desire to keep everyone happy and leads to good productivity. Bad or low productivity is a direct reflection of low morale. FYI incintives do not create morale unless the incentives are produced by fellow employees. Incentives introduced by management turn into compensation or a form of wage, probably best not to even consider a leather jacket lotto.

I do understand that some employees will try and hard ball their way into not having to work. This in turn pretty much treats the manager like a punk. Again, it’s just a bluff. Just like the manager, it’s just a bluff. They both don’t want anything to come of them being a jerk, other than intended plans. Everything else would be beyond their expectations. I have no idea why anyone does either. Does it make this little three minute window, a tad bit better? Do you know that might be upsetting someone else? Do you live you life thinking no one ever flies off the handle that the jails are only full of bad people and never provoked people? “Doubt” is the fools science. but then again. by the odds, it’s one in every 3000, at best that snap and just break the office jerk. Or at least try.

Just something I noticed about people in charge in the office, in the field and in retail. There is this false sense of pride thing that says if you act like a jerk, people under your watch will respect you.

How do you handle this person at work? what do you do to make this person in your work place stop making your job suck so bad? Without trying to act tougher than you are, or without acting tough to someone who does not even want to try and be that way towards you? Would it be wise to let them know how you feel about their actions? They probably wouldn’t believe you.

Yet another way to make money online

Yet another way to make money online

In these tough troubled times, we find our-self looking to make money morally even if it’s in small bits here and small bits there and cash em all in at the same time to make something. So here, Here is everything I do to make money on the internet. I hope it helps everyone. ALL for free.

How I make money online. Free information for you.

I myself run a few stores online.

They don’t make me a whole bunch of money, but teh way I try and get traffic to them, If I make real legit websites that I take care of and write content related to the products, onto the websites and keep them fresh with brand new ideas and topics.

I don’t focus on the products at all, while writing my content. My content is related to the domain name and when I have an idea or a rant or a praise about a certain topic, I figure what site it is most related to and begin writing. Also I have had these sites much longer than I have had the stores or the products, so my products are more like an enhancement for my site. But you can see how the products can relate if history had been opposite right?

I mean if you are selling peanut butter as your product, you don’t want to go and create a website about nuclear waste and all of teh wonderful re-uses of the material. Do you?

so let’s say you have a product but no idea how to get started with anything. Go start a website, and use it for taking personal notes that you share with the world as you learn more about this product you are wanting to sell.

When you get your first one out and ready to be marketed, put a picture of it up on your website and describe all that you went through and tell the readers how the heck they can get one. It’s pretty easy. And if you really like your product, then you should be able to talk about it all day. you know your friends are tired of you trying to shovel your knowledge of what ever in the heck that is. Put it on the web where the enthusiasts can find it.

How? here is how I got started Making money online with an online store.

My method is not for the super enthusiast, it’s more for the guy that just wants a few extra bucks in his leisure. but the same method can be used to do something on a larger scale. Nothing to buy from me at all. i just tell you what all I did. and that’s pretty much what you read up there in the previous paragraphs. I killed time after work, I killed time on weekends when i had no money to go anywhere or do anything. I did this stuff while I was out of work and when I got a job in a gas station. It’s all a bunch of nothing. All of those weird places that sell you stuff or a cd or a book and tell you about making millions in the first year, BS. In today’s tough times, if they aren’t robbing a bank yet making money, then they work for the federal reserve, or they are ripping someone off. Probably the people who buy their get rich quick schemes.

Sorry but all I have is a slow natural process that is fine with all search engines. Doesn’t trick the system or scam any ads companies into anything. You just deliver the content you say you deliver, and show your people how honorable you are by showing them how you make it.

No one should ever trust a chef with a secret sauce…. No telling how long he had to dig in his nose for the right seasoning.

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Free information on how to make money online. I am giving away everything I learned, for every person who wants to get in on making money on the internet. I hope it helps you all.
all right here

How I make money online. Free information for you.

Fud Factor at Work

The Fud Factor, Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. The things you do not need when you are work.

You do not need to see employees getting picked off at random phone call times. You do not need to see the snakey guy that you just don’t get along with, get promoted. You can not live a life of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
You can not show up to work every day thinking “oh it’s probably my turn to get voted off of the island”. This is not a proper way to live. It certainly is not a good way to run a business.

Even if you think that you just hired 6 sales men to get the word out that you do a certain type installation, but you only need on e in the long run. It is not justified to hire people and then fire them off as soon as the money comes rolling in. This leaves you employees thinking you are a loose canon without a care about the outcome of your actions. This leaves your employees wondering if the company is having hard times, and if it is probably a good idea to leave while you still have an income, and just transition to a new place. This is a whole lot better than getting called into the dank office on a Wednesday to find out that you have to go job searching today.

You have to communicate with your employees. This will prevent rumors. You have to be just as loyal as you expect your employees to be to you. You can not leave your employees thinking that at any time you will just change your mind, and cause someone some hard times.

Some people react a bit different than others when they are scared. So it is best to be honest, and do not play games with people who are looking to be good employees making good money and providing for themself.

Imagine the employment form that says “tell us why you had to leave your last place of employment” and the potential employee responding with “because the owner of (company name here) Is an immature brat with no sense of business skills decided to hire me and fire me to make a point to his existing employees”.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies

We all need our little items here and there. Some are perks some are necessities, some are just down right goofy. But hey, what ever helps you be more productive, is good for you. Well unless the item is unhealthy for you.

Office Supplies That I must Have

Every Single item on my desk there, is a must. Yes there are more items, but these are the ones that pick up every single day to make sure I have them.

What you see in the back is my computer tower. Need it, it represents the need for a computer as a whole. The thing you see on the right, is the left side of my Microsoft office keyboard. I need it because of the huge scroll wheel lets my right index finger rest when needed. Chart on the left is a home made list of device amps and voltages. So I can use for reference. Head set drowns out the OCD people who have the exact set of noises, every couple minutes.Highlighters, to help me count devices and separate one type from another. Tape, to hold the pages in spot while I work. Monitor, she is decent enough. My vitamins, and plenty of fluids!!!!!!

This my friends is my gear. until I get my new mouse, this is my gear.

What items do you have to have every day ?

Pay Scale Boldness

That guy, that guy we all have ran into at a work place who is in charge of everyone and is so used to people giving him some sort of respect, so they can keep their job. The guy who thinks that respect directly reflects his masculinity, That guy who is bossman strong. No, you do not have to be the toughest person to be the boss. You do not have to be the best worker or most knowledgeable employee, you don’t have to be anything more than a friend of the boss or CEO or company owner or friend of  his son. This is how you define false sense of pride. A monetary Vice held over your head gives him the feeling of greatness, because you said “please”. Would that not be how you define false sense of pride? Sure he can have pride in achieving his position, but not the value he sets his false pride at.

It’s the feeling of being an unchallenged rival. The feeling of knowing you have said some bold stuff to men that used to make you tremble. It’s this false sense of self worth because the people you run your mouth to have to work under your watch.

Well little man you need to know, you are the one that we take drinking and let him run his lip, and as soon as he gets his ass kicked, we turn my back. You are the guy no one would help, you are the guy that we continue to pet your ego while you hurt yourself “well big guy, if you can’t fight off that 90 year old lady, how am I supposed to?”. We have nothing to prove by dragging her around, and she is probably in the right for dragging you around the bar for being a little punk with a big mouth. And you probably deserve the elbow drops you receive. and when you get up after she has left  we will be the ones that says “man you had her.. you won that dang fight just stupid circumstances made the cards fall wrong and now it looks worse than it really is, you really hit her in the shoulder hard”.

But the day we get fired, you are the one that needs to clear the area. You are the one that does not need to be giving us the sincere look with the crumpled eyebrow and salesman face, and you sure the heck do not want to use your over used over practiced tough guy face. Tough isn’t in a look. Although it is startling to have someone look at you frumpled when you can’t figure out what you have done to upset them.


Do you knock him out? Do you just let this guy have it? Could you live with yourself if you don’t ?

Do We Need Office Meetings

Some office meetings are a must. but Many are completely unnecessary.

The meeting that helps you discover what it takes to resolve an issue, is a meeting that you know and everyone knows is a must.

The meetings that you hold every Tuesday of every single week to “hammer out complications” makes your employees dependent on a group effort to problem solve. This keeps your employees from figuring things out for themselves and makes your employees start counting on everyone else to basically do their work for them. This time that is spent in the meeting full of sales people, is time that your sales people could be out making sales. This is time that your sales people could be gathering new customers and clients. This is time that your employees could be spending getting important things done.
Maybe a once month meeting can solve issues. A once a week meeting only causes laziness and problems from laziness. Sure it keeps you in the loop of topics they chime in on, but that stuff is never going to help YOU. The chiming in is only the things that have the employees upset with someone else, or a deflecting method to prevent you from uncovering their own personal flaws.

There are people who work, and there are people who sit around talking about working.



Proposal for Law Enforcement

Proposal for Law Enforcement

We should vote this in and mandate it as the first rule in order. That all law enforcement and members of government . All law enforcement should have to spend 5 months delivering pizza. This would give the police officer a fine chance to observe traffice from the eye of the least respected car on the road.
All government should have to work in a gas station before becoming anything. To be the least respected person in retail and to see how people really treat you as a person who is at work. They should be paid the same wages as their fellow employees, and be forced to live on such income. They should see society for what it really is. They should see how employees in the lowest rung get treated as if they are worthless in life, by even their employer who tells them they will never succeed at anything. This would force the government to intervene in minimum wages, benefits and relations of society. They should be hit constantly with beer stings at the fullest level. They will be less likely to treat low income people as if they do not have a valid story. They would see how many people out there are out to rip off everyone and how many people will try and get you fired because their soda was flat.


My two Cents