Funny Reality

minimum wage
minimum wage

As funny as that may be.
The question is”what would the cost of living be?”. and logic says “who has the most invested in this company” ?

The Resume and Application Flaw

Ever write up and fill out a resume? You gather all of your information, and just start writing all of this great stuff about yourself. Some of this stuff you guess the dates a bit. Trying not to embellish, yet doing your best not to undersell yourself. You drop your resume off, the human resources department calls you and tells you to come in for an interview. As soon as you walk in, the receptionist hands you a stack of paper and request you fill in the information. It’s all the same stuff you put on your resume.
Maybe it’s a good idea to either copy your resume and bring that with you, or write down all dates and descriptions on a second piece of paper.
But why twice?
I understand that the application allows the company that is hiring the ability to have employment information in a format that they are used to and resumes have different formats and templates. but come on.
Can we get rid of the resumes already?

Alarm Company in Houston Hiring

TEAMWired Hiring of Houston Texas is hiring installers , helpers, technicians and sales people.

Need Access Control service technicians. Need to have experience with alarms and keyless entry, electric door strikes, mag locks, cctv, dvr systems and access gates.
TEAMWired is looking for fire alarm installers and helpers.
TEAMWired has high expectations for each applicant. This is not a job for lackies or slackers. This is a job for people with a “completed correctly and neatly” mindset.  You must be someone who takes honor in your job and the quality of your work or you will not work out well here. You must be prompt, so having your own vehicle to get to work is a requirement. Unless you are a licensed technician who is allowed use of a company vehicle.
Have a Nicet license or an FAL in hand when you come to apply for positions that require licensing.

Contact Teamwired Fire Alarm

How a designer deals with a lay off

How do I deal a lay off?

I guess I just post about what I can do and what I have to offer. As any resourceful person would do, they market their skills. Cut out the boss and charge below average fees.

such as fire alarm Templates for sale
As you scroll down the page you will see there are plenty of fire alarm blocks for sale. The more there is in the item, the more the cost. If you consider how much you charge an hour, how long it would take you to build the exact same thing and how often you can reuse the blocks, the prices are better than fair. I see no one else offering what I have built over the past 5 years, so I am offering this to the public.

And webdesign
I offer Building of websites, search engine optimization for existing websites and classified ads listings.
For the record, I built the website that has been holding the number one spot in Houston for “Houston Fire Alarm” in Google searches for the past 5 years. and I will have you know that in the beginning, Google was refusing that website because the last web site designer there used bad measures to get seen.

I have built websites for bands, for packaging companies, video gamers, news sites,shelving companies, hair salons, tactical gear sites and shirt designer and lots more. There isn’t a large list of companies that will stump me on website design.

If you are in Houston or anywhere in Texas and need someone to draw up a fire alarm system, message me below. We’ll work something out.

What do you do when the company closes?

What do you do when the company closes?
When you start seeing people get laid off left and right, when you see them all dropping in large groups. When you hear customers calling about unreceived services, and you see a new bald patch on the boss’s head, do you duck cover and run? Do you wait it out and see if you are that one special person they want to keep? what would that mean? I mean, if they keep you and let EVERYONE else go. What does that say about you? Does this mean your work ethics are the strongest? Does this mean you are loyal? Or the scary side… Does it mean you are gullible? does it mean that all this time you have been working for less than everyone else and you are so cheap, keeping you will not be an issue? Is that bad? I mean if you were fine with it, and your pay doesn’t stop. Then you’re good to go. Right?

I say start backing up all of your personalized settings and tools, to your phone. then delete them off of the computer/server you have been using and prepare yourself to be ready when the ship fully submerges.

Start job hunting now. Think of everything you do there that no one else does, and consider those for points of interest on your job applications and resume. Also think of the things you love to do and explain how you can do those all day. Just remember, people pay you and value by the things that you do that they don’t want to do.. In this case, while you are freaking out to find a nice dry place to land, think of all of the crap that all of the employees always complained about having to do, and what they always came to you to get help with and make those your strong points on your resume.

For now, my choice is How a designer deals with a lay off.

Pizza Delivery sucks

People really think there is a set total max to tip a pizza guy.
The same guy who goes out with his family and tips $20 on a meal for 5 people. Thinks the pizza guy is some sort of leech.
No one thinks about the gas the pizza guy just wasted getting to your house and back. The time it took to take care of your pizza and get it to your house without destroying it. He brings you pizza to feed an office building and you won’t even tip him 2%.
pizza delivery tips

I remember delivering pizza to the Compaq center in Houston Texas. bringing 45 pizzas to that place and getting tipped 75 cents. So mad… So mad.

Such scum.

I mean really. what investment does a waiter/waitress have in walking to a counter, grabbing your meal and bringing it to your table 20 feet away. As apposed to a guy that can not get insurance because no one wants to insure him, gas prices to the sky. Speed limits, traffic safety and watch out for your kids when making the corner ?? Why is he getting tipped less?

Truth about Pizza Delivery

Bad Time to be a pizza guy

Tips for the pizza guy

Job Listings is a Rough Market


This site here started out as a free job listing site. But no one came. just a bunch of spammers. So I removed it and went with just what you see existing. I couldn’t figure out why people wouldn’t post. I now see. I am sure they saw how much it costs to post on other sites and figured “Nothing good is ever free”.

My intentions were to run free for everyone, and I would survive on the page views and sponsors. There was no way to explain all of that. So.. Here we are… There’s nothing to post here, but you can go elsewhere to run an add and only hire one person for just over $400.

The spam was insane. Those spam bots find you fast. and also it’s hard to get people to be the first to post on anything.
No matter what, just know that I think it’s nuts to have to pay $400 to post an employment add. Heck anything over $2 is madness. It’s just a job listing.
I mean really. If you had anything to fear, you just create a new email address or something and try your luck at getting an employee. I mean what if you are looking for a sales member? That means your sales are low and your income is reduced. last thing you should want to do is spend more money.

Should I try again with free job listing?

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Walmart Walk out You say?

walmart walkout

Walmart and Target and many store the like, will be performing walk outs on Thanksgiving. The idea is to announce that the employees should have the holidays off and that it is un-American to force them to work on thanksgiving.

I have a problem with this walk out.
I worked a few years in a gas station. and no.. we never got Thanksgiving or Christmas off.
and I know for a fact, that at least 20% of these walk out people, will be in a gas station on thanksgiving. They will be getting the stuff they can’t get at a closed walmart, or target, or grocery store. Meanwhile, so will every single one of their customers.
ONE CASHIER to handle all of those customers.

This cashier, his pay doesn’t go up. There may be a holiday pay, but there isn’t a raise. and his whole family knows that he is the only person who either cares more about his job than family, has a crappy job, is broke and worthless.

If you organize a walk out that makes sense, like gas station cashiers walk out every time the gas prices get so high it takes him three days to pay for a tank of gas to work for a week, then.. and only then will I help support a walk out such as Thanksgiving selfish hissyfits.

To me, this sounds like people are forcing Walmart to accept Unions.

So, if this happens. Please don’t talk about how sucky it is that the guy behind the counter has to work. Give the man a dollar. and yes I say man because in the nine years I worked for a chain of gas stations, all of the guys had to work holidays, I could call any of the 28 stores in our chain, and it was all guys at all of the stores. So tip the dude. Give him food, tell him happy Thanksgiving.

Just a day at the Office

My sinus is flipping out. so…
Walked to the drug store and back, on way back as I got near the entrance to the building, lady cuts across my path scurrying to finish her cigarette and put it i the ashtray. I hold my breath as I walk past because she is blowing puffs as she steps..

I get to the door, the lady sprints as if I am going to let this smelly woman walk in front of me. I do push it open really wide behind me. She has this confused look as if she is too weak and fearful to open a damn door by herself. I continue on my way. she turns left at the mailboxes but stops and watches me push the button on the elevator. She scurried to ride with me on the elevator.

So she gets on the elevator . I am holding my breath. just 4 floors. I can still smell it anyway. She smelled like she was currently smoking in the elevator. So she must have put away quite a few of them in her 5 minute break.
but now she’s trying to start a conversation. I mean come on.. it’s just 20 seconds. what can we possibly talk about? let me hold my breath.

She exits at the third floor I slightly smile and wave. (actually I recently realized that smile looks insane so I try not to do it). I continue up to the fourth floor.
I exit the elevator, while 4 (ZOMG STRIPPER CHEERLEADERS) females (I assume are coming from the rehabilitation office that we share a floor with ) push past me into the elevator, then they all look at me with disgusted faces and one says out loud “Nasty, why do rednecks still do that?”

I was already mad.

I turned to her and said “To chase off the drug addict skanks”.

It’s the whole carelessness/cluelessness of the lady. Totally inconsiderate and expecting me to go out of my way to be kind to her?
That’s the big problem these days. Everyone expects someone else to “be the better man”.
Well.. screw that I’m not going to be the only “better man” there is.