10 Reasons why you can’t hang on to employees

Sometimes an employee is just a bad employee or bad person. Often the person leaving a company truly feels as if they are being abused and mistreated or the working conditions and pay are not up to their standards.
For this article let’s just imagine a bunch of good employees leaving the company for reasons that have nothing to do with them other than them saying “I’ve had it, I’m out, forget this I quit”.
You might want to consider this if you have tried all other reasons and they don’t ever resolve the issue of people quitting and you constantly having to fill their spot.

10. Bad apple. You could have a bad apple in the bunch tainting the group with negativity that is unnecessary. Usually this guy has been around for a good while and is completely a different person around the upper staff.
9. Poor equipment. vehicles that break down a lot. Bad printer that never gets fixed. Bad tools that never get replaced but get new wads of tape every week.
8. Bad Hours.
7. Hostile environment. You have one or more employees that intimidate other employees or try to.
6. No reward system. Rewarding employees will help with moral.
5. Rare/irregular raises. You don’t give raises on a regular basis.
4. Runt of the group. The guy hired last gets all of the junk equipment. Told to do all of the grunt work and not ever getting any of the good work or any credit for the completion of a job.
3. Absence of a leader. Someone is in charge and gives commands but does not communicate with employees.
2. Boisterous Management. Be it they bring things to work all of the time that the employees could never afford, or they are rude to the employees and treat them as if they are inferior.
1. Your managers are your friends and their position is well upheld. On the basis that you are never going to fire them. It would be awkward to fire your friends.

Now these aren’t the only reasons people leave. and they may not be the reason that your employees quit, but in my experience these are the least talked about and most common reasons people quit a job. However i have seen a few articles where they run through a list of reasons people quit but they all seem to say the same things, things I never experienced. So i had to make this list. The reasons why most people quit. Other than other personal issues such as someone slept with someone’s spouse.

How to get a better job

There comes a time when your place of employment no longer does it for you. For me, it’s the income. For others it could be bad atmosphere, more time, wanting more out of life or the desire to travel. Really there are millions of issues that people find to need something more. but again, for me it is money. So this will be all about money. Maybe you can use some of this in some way to relate to your needs.

First thing you have to do is don’t give in and “just wing it”. You have to write things down. No applied job gets any variation of your information. All jobs you apply for get the same information. Remember this.

Now. On a piece of paper, write down all of the locations with in a decently short travel/commute from where you live that you would love to work. For me I stop at 5 places. and I aim pretty darn high. a bit out of my abilities high.

Now draw a line and start a new list. A list of places to work that are similar to the place I am currently or recently employed. This number gets up to about 20. (If you can’t get 20, that’s fine.)

Now, head over to one of the big job search sites and look for the names of the first 5 places and start applying as accurate as can be, and mention the items I know I can do that are related to that work, which I have never really been paid to do them. EX: if you want to wait tables, and frequently walk a 10k for charity, pretty good idea to mention that. And clarify that you can handle being on your feet.

Everything you write into the first site’s application save it in word-pad and title it accordingly. Now on to the second site and paste in the information as needed. If there is a new question, add that to your word-pad crib note, to be prepared for the next job application.

Once all of the 5 sites are knocked out, it is time to search for the businesses similar to current/recent employment. Now some of these will not be in the job search sites. So now move on to Google and look for that company. Find their “now hiring” or contact page and email the word-pad page or copy and paste it into the contact form if that’s the way they work. Ask for more than what you were denied at previous location. Negotiate down to your needed number. Works just like a pawnshop.but do not say it is negotiable on the application. Or they will start extremely low. Half if they think they can.
While on the contact page, copy their name and number into another word-pad page. Call them as soon as you send. and ask to have them email you an application. If they say they aren’t hiring or don’t have one to email, don’t give up on them. That could be a guy worried about getting replaced. Let them ask you want your qualifications are or whatever questions. Don’t start shoveling stuff out there. If the person does not ask you any questions who cares, this could be anyone in the office. Anyone. if they start asking you questions about your abilities, look at your first cheat-sheet and say the name of said skills, don’t go into detail on each item unless asked. If you get asked, don’t give up trade secrets, but do identify that you know what you are doing. Again, this could be anyone.

When you get the job application, save it to your desktop and fill the application out, then print the job application, and email the desktop saved completed version back to them.

The following day, you will spend the day driving to the places that actually sent you the follow up application email and start dropping off the printed out job applications.
Dress nice, and be clean shaved and combed/brushed. Black slacks and white shirt with white undershirt. all tucked in and best newest belt with shiny yet simple buckle. Not some big cowboy buckle, just something clean. Do not wear tennis shoes. Even if you are applying for a mechanic shop. Never wear tennis shoes/sneakers. in the south, boots are just fine. In the mid, loafers. In the north east black dress shoes. In the south you can wear any of those but the boots seem to work best.

Most of the time, if you have spoken with someone and had them send you a job application, they are a little open to hiring someone. Meeting them face to face and seeing they know what they are talking about, will make getting the job almost certain.

On the third day, you will have to spread out further and find super awesome jobs, a bit further from home than the first 5. and for the 20, you have to find similar but not the same. Maybe by now a few more applications showed up in your email. So now you can knock out a few more.

Rinse and repeat. You should get a call or a permanent handshake before the second week.

I know this all sounds like stuff you should know or you already know. Why aren’t you doing it now? I’m not asking for cash and this page was 100% free to you . So no… Nothing here is guaranteed. Just trying to help you find a job. this goal is find a job that pays a bunch. If one of the first five reply then you just stepped up on so many levels. If the others reply, you just started making more money.

How I feel when applying for jobs

as I responded to my Ex who is “just trying to help”

Coding? No. I just edit files. I don’t code.

My SEO skills are different from the companies that sale SEO. My work pisses most of them off and they try to call it obsolete, because I use the format that is expected by search engines. I can do what they want, but it feels like I am playing dodge ball with 9 year olds, It’s like working a week with Trees of Houston and then going to a gym full of polo shirts and polo shorts staring at you while they curl to show YOU what they can do. It’s irritating.

What I do in AutoCAD leads to what you are calling blue prints. I don’t have an architects license or degree. That takes big money and lots of time to achieve. Though I can draw for an architect, have him inspect my work and then stamp it as his own work. There is a lot in that field I do not know. Structural design I know about 10%.  I can draw existing buildings by dimensions and make notes of existing appliances for permitting, but again, I have no license in that field either.

I am considering starting up my own fire alarm design team with a few APS certified people I know and working on getting my aps License. First I need nicet level III. I failed the level I because I froze up. 130 questions, 80 minutes to answer them I freaked out and spent 10 minutes on first question and ten minutes on second question. and then it got worse. I didn’t get answers wrong. i just couldn’t answer the last 30 questions. $120 or something like that each time you take the test. and well. I don’t have that kind of money right now to take again. If I get a person to stamp my drawings, I can ask for more for each drawing. I applied at a few places last week and got a response of “How about I pay you just draw them, I’ll sign them, and you’ll make more money”

So that could pan out. If I get more companies to do this, that way I am always busy.

Fact is, I cannot make less than I was making. I wasn’t making it. I was steadily getting further into debt. my car has been in the garage for a week because I don’t want it to get repossessed.

SO I have done a couple drawings for the guy and should be meeting up with him soon for payment. I charge almost $200 less than his other guy. So I doubt he will mess me over. That is if he wants me to do more drawings. and save him more money.

So I can’t be occupied by burger king working 60 hours a week for $8 an hour, I’d never get anything accomplished and I would still lose everything and be too busy to get anything real done.

What RNs are Sometimes Thinking…

Some things that make me laugh being a RN (no particular order, a list in progress):

Yes, it does look infected to me.  Go see your doctor.

No, I cannot get you any “good drugs” for your backache or your sore throat from my work.

I&D (incision and drainage) is not the same as sticking a straight pin in an infected sore and squeezing the “goop” out (even if the needle was “sterilized by burning it”).

Yes, that rash looks bad – no, I don’t want to feel it.  Go to a doctor.

No, I don’t recommend self-diagnosis by using WebMD.

It may surprise you, but not all nurses know each other, and thus, I do not know your cousin Sally who is a nurse in Tennessee.

You have 14 tattoos, but you are queasy at the idea of getting a shot in the arm?

I am a nurse, not a concierge service during your hospital stay.

No, I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Did you know you are not the ONLY patient I have today?  If you aren’t seeing much of me today, be thankful your condition doesn’t warrant it.  The guy down the hall who lost 2 limbs, got 8 units of blood, and has an infection, also needs my care.    Please be patient.

Your birthing plan, though signed by your doctor, is more of a suggestion than a list of demands used to hold the entire L&D department at your mercy because you feel it is a doctor’s order.

Everyone on staff has a list of things to get done while on shift, none of which entails herding your children from our hallways.

That doctor is hard to work with because of religious differences: He thinks he’s God and I disagree.



What To Do When it’s Time To Go

If you find it is time to leave the place you are at, You have a couple things to do before you can go.
First thing on your list is to find another job. Second is to leave your current job on a good note. Two week notice, work normally for the last two weeks. Leave work items behind and take all personal items with you. Leave fuel cards behind, and things like that.
If you have direct deposit, then you do not have to show your face in that place again. This is good if you are wanting to be gone forever.
Steam time
Under no circumstances should you hit the guy you have zeroed in on. We all look around before we quit and say “who am I going to hit before I leave?”, but it is probably best if we do not hit that person. No matter how much they have belittled you or ripped you off or just underhanded you, you have to ignore that feeling. Save that for some strange day in the future when you have to let them know, that the pay check and job position muscle is a fairytale best expressed in the office and that person needs to go back there before they hurt themselves.
If you must leave and feel as if you are getting revenge, then a tuna salad with no lid in a paper bag labeled “do not touch” tucked in the back of the fridge is fair enough. No personal attacks on anyone. That never ends well.

Do not make a scene. Do not tell on that one person who has been doing  the things that irritated you up to this point. The boss will be more likely to side with the person who stayed, so your words will fall on deaf ears. Besides, if the boss hasn’t seen it yet, they won’t see it ever, until it’s too late.


I personally do everything I can, to not quit a job, so I do not recommend anyone ever quit a job, unless they have a better offer.


If the new place you move to can offer something to the place you left, and you can get them a discount, while the old place can get you a discount, you might just want to try and use your pull. But if you left on any bad terms with any of the ex-coworkers, probably a good idea to leave that part alone.

Downside of Tech Guy Jobs

I have found myself stressed out by the one job I love. I love techy stuff. I love every aspect of the work. But I do not like getting around other I.T. people. These people have to argue about every single thing they can . If you say gravity keeps me grounded, they will look for some technical way of turning your wittiest comment into a dead joke.

Fellow I.T. people, is a joke of a statement in it’s self.  They will never work with anyone. They just want you to give them the whole job and go away before you screw the whole thing up with your idocity. yeah… my word. They will refuse to come to you know matter how long they have to work on something to get it done. I on the other hand know that I am at work and will be willing to cut the time in half by asking for clue in an area  I am unfamiliar with, or have forgotten due to practical obsoletion.

I can almost work with any I.T. guy because I am not competitive with my hobbies. I am only competitive with labor. and yes I call Tech a hobby because that is all it will ever be to me. If I get paid for my hobby, then that’s just right out awesome. If I get paid good for it, then that’s just amazing.

Never answer a tech guy’s question with words. Never put anything in writing. It will be scrutinized to the core of the very last letter of each word. So just show them by doing, and move on.

Fire Sprinkler Designers in Houston Needed

HiTech Fire is now Fire Sprinkler Designers

HiTech Fire sprinkler designer Job Application Form

Currently Hiring Fire Sprinkler Designers.

At this time HiTech Is Hiring Fire Sprinkler Designers only.
Please take the time to fill out this online job application.
It is very important that you double check all contact information
you enter into this employment application. Please clarify the
position you desire.
Full Application must be filled out.
This form will be sent to an associate after you press the
submit button.
Job Application

If you feel more comfortable bringing the application in with you, then download the pdf version fill it out and print the application out.
This form will not automatically send.
Job Application PDF

Fax: 281-970-9011
Phone: 281-970-9000
Call for email Address

For further information pertaining to  what  HiTech employees jobs are Please visit our Commercial Services section to see what we install,upgrade, repair, monitor and our service inspections try these links.
Fire Alarm Systems
Sprinkler systems
Security systems

If you have a friend on Facebook out of work, please share this link, and or comment below. Help people in this time find employment and get a career started. HiTech Needs more fire alarm technicians.
Company Vehicle, Gas allowances, benefits, competitive wages/salary.
So if you are a Sprinkler Designer who needs work, Contact HiTech. We have lots of work.


1 full year to 3 years sprinkler system layout experience
Able to read and apply basic NFPA 13 requirements
Familiar with HydraCAD sprinkler system design software
Able to survey job-sites
Basic knowledge of computerized hydraulic calculations
Able to receive and apply instructions.

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Can Anything Help you With Employment?

Flipping through Mashable I stumbled upon an article “4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications“.

And well , these have got to be the coolest jump and dive programs out there. for those of us who can afford those apps, may not actually be looking for a job, and for those who are looking for jobs, might not be wanting to spend money on a cell phone. Especially just for the sake of keeping a useful application running. but however, if you have just lost your job and are paid up for a while on your cell phone bill, then that set of apps is perfect for you. if you have a job, just grab the resume builder app and build yourself a resume (with your thumbs????) and save the resume in case something goes wrong.

An alternative is just a simple job search. Right? You are here so you got here somehow. Try the Job Search. If for some reason you may be upset with your job or just looking for a better place to go, or really need a job that job search helps. Really. Just type the city you are in, the job you want and hit the search button, find the job in the page for the position you are looking for, and go to that site.  That job search checks 14 websites, so you do get a huge list of jobs. This way you don’t have to job hunt over 14 sites one by one. heck you can even type in “Resume`” or even”application georgia” and you will find pages beyond pages. The more descriptive you are in this job search the smaller the selection but the better the defined the results. Find  the results you want and just use the link  displayed after the search and you are there. Fast.