How to get work in the fire alarm industry in Texas

So you are looking for a job and want to know what it takes to get a job with a fire alarm company. You are wondering if there is a special license or certification you need to do the work. Well you do need a license for a few things. Certain tasks require you to be licensed, if you are not licensed then someone needs to be near by that you work under who is licensed.
So yes you can work for a fire alarm company when you do not have a license.
Your value will be low.
On the upside, the fire alarm license is very easy to obtain. You just have to know a bit about the wiring and safety codes of a fire alarm system. Without that knowledge, you are just a helper and will stay a helper until you prove such knowledge.
How do you prove that you understand codes and standards about fire alarm systems and the wiring?
You pass the FAL (Fire Alarm License) test.
Without an FAL, you are going to stay at the lowest wage in the industry.
Though the fire alarm business pays more for the technician’s helpers than most industries out there, you still have a low value to most companies. Which makes you the most expendable person on the staff.
What you want is to get your FAL with in the first year or so, and then soon after go get your Nicet certification.
With Nicet certification, your value to most companies in the fire alarm industry is above the average technician’s pay. and the good thing here is that the nicet certification test is comprised mostly of the same questions as the FAL test.
There are currently 4 level of Nicet certification
With each level of certification, you gain more abilities and greater value in the industry. The Higher the certification, the more the companies want you. Simply because you can handle greater legal responsibility and be a representative of the company when talking with legal officials. Such as fire alarm inspectors or fire marshals.

If you already have any of these licenses and are looking for a job in the fire alarm industry, you can move right along and fill out an application at TEAMWIRED.COM .

or you can check back at this page for a practice test I will be posting a link to. I intend to only charge $10 for the effort it takes me to type the questions and answers (separate pdfs). The objective is not to guarantee you a passing grade but to teach you how to use your NFPA books to hurriedly look for the sections you need. (if you want this to happen please comment below or there would be no reason for my effort)

If you are a fire alarm designer looking for a good fire alarm template with blocks and title block and fire alarm legend with all symbols, you can try Scroll down the page for different fire alarm cad items. Same for fire alarm companies wanting to make your designs uniform amongst your designers.

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2 thoughts on “How to get work in the fire alarm industry in Texas

  1. Daniel

    Hi, I’m a army vet. how do I get started in the field? I have no license yet but wish to very much. I live in fort worth and have found zero schools on this topic just web online.


  2. truxter

    I know of people who joined a staffing agency and directly specifically requested to be placed in a fire alarm company. While at the fire alarm company they took the state license test and then ran to get hired at a place that doesn’t use a staffing agency.

    Most people either fall butt first into the work. Some get pulled in by family members.

    You need to decide if you are in it for a long haul or just to make a quick buck. If you are in it because life safety fascinates you and you want to make a career out of it then you should look into getting Nicet certification, then what it does for you to obtain a state license.
    If you just want to make decent money fast then probably could get by with just the state license. Sure it’s fast money now but it is the long way in the long run
    How to tell if you want state license or Nicet Certification
    If you want nicet certification but want to know what it is like Read these see if they help you any
    Nicet I
    Nicet II
    Nicet III

    Here’s some practice quizzes The first one most helpful for state license.
    Fire Alarm Practice Test level one
    The second test is a bit more advanced than most state licenses.
    Fire Alarm Practice test level ii


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