Gas Station Story

As you may know, I worked in a few gas stations for a few years with a company that had stores around Houston. I saw a few things in the time there.
So here’s my first story to tell

A guy came in and bought an energy drink,condoms and some cigarets.

When the transaction was done, I asked ” Would you like a bag?”

He said “Nah, got one in the truck”. and then chuckled I looked at the truck and looked at him like “really?” He said ‘ you get it man? I got weed in the glovebox, man you’re slow”

I point my thumb over my shoulder at the truck and said “Oh I thought you and the lady in the passenger seat needed the condoms”.

The guy behind him, and I swear snot shot out his nose laughing.

Don’t mess with gas station cashiers, They’ve heard it all.

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