The Resume and Application Flaw

Ever write up and fill out a resume? You gather all of your information, and just start writing all of this great stuff about yourself. Some of this stuff you guess the dates a bit. Trying not to embellish, yet doing your best not to undersell yourself. You drop your resume off, the human resources department calls you and tells you to come in for an interview. As soon as you walk in, the receptionist hands you a stack of paper and request you fill in the information. It’s all the same stuff you put on your resume.
Maybe it’s a good idea to either copy your resume and bring that with you, or write down all dates and descriptions on a second piece of paper.
But why twice?
I understand that the application allows the company that is hiring the ability to have employment information in a format that they are used to and resumes have different formats and templates. but come on.
Can we get rid of the resumes already?

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