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  1. Trew

    I appreciate and enjoy your site. However, you once made a comment that they “stood out like a circus carney at a banquet.” Circus workers are not “Carneys.” “Carney” is an offensive slang word for a carnival worker. It is very similar to calling an African American a “N**ger.” I believe that political correctness in this country has gone a little bit too far such as calling a person an African American instead of black or saying that he is a Mexican American instead of just saying that he is a Mexican, but I do agree that using offensive words like “Ni*ger” or “Wetback” or other offensive slang words to describe a person or group of people is not acceptable.

    I am commenting on this because I own several legitimate carnival concession game and food trailers. I have Water Race, Duck Pond, Roll-A-Ball Derby, Food, and other game and food concession trailers where the player or winner is guaranteed a “shown” prize everytime and the food that we serve is of the highest quality and cleanliness. I do not have any “rip-off” games like the ones that pull out a small trinket from under the counter or any “build-up” games like some concessionaires run, like Balloon Darts or Bushell Baskets, etc. My games, especially my Duck Pond games have often been stated as the fairest games on the midway on several news programs throughout the country. My food concession trailers are kept in Grade A cleanliness and all of my equipment is either new or kept in tip-top like new condition. I purchase new trucks every two years and pay cash for everything that I buy. All of my employees are clean-cut, clean-shaven, have clean hands and finger nails, wear clean uniforms, and are clean showered every, if not, twice per day.

    Most of my game trailers are worth well over a hundred thousand dollars each. With all of my trucks required to pull my trailers, my stock trucks, generator trailers, bunkhouse trailers, and my personal 5th wheel living trailer, I own over 4 million dollars worth of equipment. My home, which is in a gated neighborhood on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas is worth 3.5 million dollars with furnishings and artwork worth another 1.5 million dollars and vacation homes and furnishings in Florida and Hawaii worth another 8 million dollars, all of which is paid for free and clear and provided by my “carney” business. Most of my game and food concessions make over $10,000.00 profit each, per night, at most of the state fairs and festivals that I am booked with every year.

    I am a member of the Hot Springs Chamber of a Commerce, am on the Board of Directors for the Hot Springs Film Festival and the Hot Springs Music Festival, am a large contributor to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and several other Disabled Veteran’s, and charitable organizations in and around Hot Springs. I set up my game and food trailers at the Children’s Hospital and a few other children’s homes each year and donate the food, prizes, and fuel for the generators, so that the children can have a great time and a fun day. I have even used my generator trailers to power the Police Station, Ambulance Company, damaged Hospital, and other key city and county buildings during tornado disaster areas in small towns throughout the south and mid west at my cost for the fuel and loss of business because, throughout the years, I have even donated the use of my generators and fuel during emergencies in nearby and some not so nearby towns, even if it meant closing down at the location where I was set up and making money, to help with the emergency management operations of towns and facilities that were stricken by disaster and in immediate need of electricity.

    My concession business only requires me to be on the road from March through October each year, although I have put them all on a ship and played Puerto Rico and several other Caribbean Islands a few times during the winter when my children were younger and they and my wife could go with me. It costs about $100,000.00 each way (several years ago) to transport my concession, generator, bunkhouse, and living trailers and a few trucks by ship to play those locations, so I’m sure that you can only imagine the exceptional amount of money that my company made to play those locations.

    Now that my children are a little bit older, I only operate from March through October so that being on the road doesn’t interfere with their school and extra cirricular activities and so that I can be home with my family and to raise my children. Now, I have a great business manager to run the business for me which allows me to be at home most of the year except for a few weeks a year when I go to make sure everything is operating smoothly and that my business is being run to my specifications and requirements so I am only away from my family for a few weeks a year. During the summer my wife and children often go with me on the road for a week or two here and there.

    Throughout the year, my wife and I attend and host various community and social functions, many of which are formal affairs and banquets. My wife has many formal evening gowns, accessories, and a wide selection of exquisite jewelry that is added to often. I own several tuxedos and have a modest amount of jewelry. My children have everything that they could ever wish for, are educated in the best private schools, and all have their own jet skis, other water toys, and vehicles to choose from. My wife and I have our own water toys, a 37 foot power cabin cruiser, a 30 foot party barge, a ski boat, and of course, a very nice selection of new and “classic” vehicles to drive. We take several family vacations every year and enjoy most of the finer things in life as well as enough savings to last our, and our children’s lifetime. We pay cash for everything we need, want, and is necessary for the business. I also add new concession trailers and the truck to pull them with to the business every year. The business, which is incorporated, and I have “Triple A” credit ratings. My net worth is in the neighborhood of 37 million dollars of which, 16 million dollars is in liquid assets and cash.

    I have shared all of this with you not to brag, but to explain to you that all “Carneys” don’t stand out at all at a banquet, or stand out only because they are the best dressed, or made the largest donation, or are the hosts. So the next time that you decide to use the phrase that they “stand out like a circus carney at a banquet,” I sincerely hope that you will remember this comment.

    Respectfully, a “Carney.”


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