What To Do When it’s Time To Go

If you find it is time to leave the place you are at, You have a couple things to do before you can go.
First thing on your list is to find another job. Second is to leave your current job on a good note. Two week notice, work normally for the last two weeks. Leave work items behind and take all personal items with you. Leave fuel cards behind, and things like that.
If you have direct deposit, then you do not have to show your face in that place again. This is good if you are wanting to be gone forever.
Steam time
Under no circumstances should you hit the guy you have zeroed in on. We all look around before we quit and say “who am I going to hit before I leave?”, but it is probably best if we do not hit that person. No matter how much they have belittled you or ripped you off or just underhanded you, you have to ignore that feeling. Save that for some strange day in the future when you have to let them know, that the pay check and job position muscle is a fairytale best expressed in the office and that person needs to go back there before they hurt themselves.
If you must leave and feel as if you are getting revenge, then a tuna salad with no lid in a paper bag labeled “do not touch” tucked in the back of the fridge is fair enough. No personal attacks on anyone. That never ends well.

Do not make a scene. Do not tell on that one person who has been doing  the things that irritated you up to this point. The boss will be more likely to side with the person who stayed, so your words will fall on deaf ears. Besides, if the boss hasn’t seen it yet, they won’t see it ever, until it’s too late.


I personally do everything I can, to not quit a job, so I do not recommend anyone ever quit a job, unless they have a better offer.


If the new place you move to can offer something to the place you left, and you can get them a discount, while the old place can get you a discount, you might just want to try and use your pull. But if you left on any bad terms with any of the ex-coworkers, probably a good idea to leave that part alone.

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