Working in a Gas Station is Bad

As someone who worked in a few gas stations for a while. I have tons of gas station stories about funny events but this post is actually about why I did not like working in a gas station.

(Quick note) If you want to know how old you must be to work in a gas station, If the gas station sales beer or alcohol then you must be of legal age to sell them. You need to check with your local state officials. Do not try and get by with what you see on some random website like this one.

400 people in a day. Can you please 400 people a day with proper happy polite service? Every single day 6 days a week, all year around?

How many times can you deal with someone cutting in front of the line you have to just throw money at you, while you are trying to help the nice old lady at the counter who seems to be counting pennies?

How many times in a week can you hear “you have a bad attitude” when you haven’t done anything, and aren’t feeling any bad emotion?

How often can you rush to get all of the customers out of your store because you need to use the restroom only to get slammed with 6 people who can’t decide what scratch off lotto ticket they are wanting to buy?

People for some reason, like to sigh really heavy when they get to counter. As if to say “hey dude, I have had a rough day”, but what you will notice, is they all blow right in your face when they do that.
People will cough right in your face, full open mouth, non-covered cough in your face. If the store you work at is near a hospital, that can be pretty dang scary. Unless of course, you don’t notice that kind of stuff. Then maybe a gas station is perfect for you.

You have to restock that cooler at the end of your shift, and clean the bathrooms and empty the trash all around the store and parking lot. Beer soaked diapers. Many other bathroom things in the bathroom trash. and no. Not everyone can aim at the toilet. Standing or sitting. 1 or 2. Keep this in mind when you are being trained for the light stuff like working the cash register.

What about the times when you just can’t get everything together, like the register is on the boink, and you seem to be out of all of the rare cigarettes and that day is the day that everyone wants that rare brand of cigarettes meanwhile the lotto machine won’t work all the while your line is getting longer and your customers are all grumbling like they don’t see that your day sucks, they are just huffy about their 30 seconds being wasted because you aren’t good at what you doing? Even the nicest customers do this grumble.

Get hit back to back with kids trying to buy stuff that their I.D. won’t let them and they raise a fuss. and you have to remain calm. It’s just a kid, and it happens every day, multiple times. Meanwhile the state officials want to pull stings on YOU, not them. You know it would set a good example if a few kids could prove that cops don’t like kids buying beer.

Then to get a phone call from your store manager telling you that your store will be inspected tomorrow so you need to really bust your hump and scrub everything that they think your minimum wage is worth. So she can collect her 6 month bonus of $7000. $7000 that you will not see a penny of. Both of her 6 month bonuses are more than your yearly income. Meanwhile her salary is twice your yearly income.
She/he talks to you like you are a moron and like the world will fall apart because you can’t show up the next day. She tells you that she never goes to her kid’s events though she is off by 2 pm every single day, and yes she thinks she is a baby sitter of adult idiots. All the while she has no intelligent answer about anything. Remember this and test it for yourself, “Stupid people act angry so you won’t stump them with a simple question”. Now ask her about current events or what the difference is between kinetic energy and g-forces. Trust me she will not know and she will give you a rude answer. Play it off as you got asked this by your sister’s kid and got to wondering.

You need to get out of retail. A person working at the sewage plant  makes more than three times your wage. Three times your wage! And he has the weekend off. and he gets raises greater than 25 cents a year. Ever notice the lawn care crews have lots of money? They mow lawns. Not too complicated. You can do that. Grab a mower and do it for yourself. It’s easy. Janitors make more than you, You know whats even worse? They all get the weekend and holidays off, and you do not. More Truth about Working in a gas station. You will not have any full holiday off. When you are on vacation, expect someone to be sick and your vacation to be cut short and you will not get a thank you from the other person or the manager.

Please, for the sense of anything logical Get a better job, Do a job search, get the heck out of retail. Those people do not respect you. No matter how nice the Christmas card is you get every year (lol, you likely won’t see one). They do not respect you, they don’t want to know who or what you are, just have a heart beat , don’t steal, put money in the register and don’t be late.

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37 thoughts on “Working in a Gas Station is Bad

  1. How To and Review - Working in a Gas Station TRUTH!

    […] Only plus side to that job is you meet many people. That makes up for a night life you gave up. Kinda. Guys, there are very few women out there that will lower her standards enough to date a dude who does what you do for your pay. If she does, she is either very stupid […]


  2. Monsoon

    I work at a gas station, and every single example you gave as to why it sucks and is absolutely spot on.


  3. steve

    Sounds like a bunch of whining to me, i use to work at shell, and never had these issues. Its called working, and making money. Thsts your job, just put up with it.


  4. clerk1

    See folks. Perfect example. Steve is clearly one of your typical, brain dead underpaid and happy about it, idiots you find employed at a gas station.. reality is that if this moron actually calls that work, he is a bigger moron than what he tries to make you feel like( And a lazy ### who never worked like a man), for thinking you are better than that job.
    And the exception, is never the rule. Just because you didn’t notice it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Just means you’re too stupid to notice.


  5. jenny

    Sounds remarkably similar to my job.


  6. bryan

    clerk, you sound exactly like one of the customers you hate, not everyone
    is going to be an arrogant person, sure, you will get them, but i pretty much
    guarantee most customers will be fine, unless you live in some shit hole.
    and as for the pay, do you ever take into consideration that maybe there arn’t that many job available in a specific area? im happy that you seem to be now blessed with infinite opportunity and wisdom to the point you can judge someone for having a job, but unfortunately not all of us are.


  7. Noir

    I agree. i work at a gas station and i have to put up with people’s crap. I just started last week and it is such a pain in the ass. people coming in here to buy tons of lotto, cigarettes. This is in the ghetto area of NYC too, so people are more rude, who shoves you their money and blames everything on you. Ill be the one tolerating crap. “Sorry ma’am, it says your debit card has insufficient funds”
    “bullshit, i just put in 1000 dollars in here”
    “Im really sorry ma’am, if anything, you have to call your bank to see whats wrong”
    and she just keeps on trying and blames it on the cashier. Then as the day progresses, my patience with these people grow dimmer to the point where i would say something that suggests a comeback and i dont realize it until the word is already out. I have a 8 hour shift and sometimes 10 hours. I never realize how much a “thank you” or “have a nice day” would mean so much. it really brightens my mood… temporarily.


  8. Not Bryan


    Do you realize that you are currently on a website that has condenced every online large job search tool into one? a website that has reduced job seardching into the simplest for possible?

    So don’t complain that someone who is “blessed with infinite opportunity and wisdom ” because you are now “blessed with infinite opportunity and wisdom ” just by using the search the search on this site.

    So please don’t be condencending to someone who is angry about disrespectful people, and then belittle their attempt to bring you into the light.

    If you don’t like your gig, get a new gig. Don’t sit around defending garbage.


  9. Kelly

    I’m hoping I get a gas station job. Even though I’ve read all the complaints, my first job was a warehouse job and my feet and knees were in constant pain from racing around on concrete. The pay was really good, people really nice, but I was really miserable. As long as I’m not in physical pain to the point of limping when I come home it’s all good.


  10. truxter

    I’ve done warehouse work.

    just wait until you feel your knees from standing in one spot for hours on end. its not the same hurt. It’s different it’s a sharp pain that shoots up from the heel to the knees.


  11. anonymous

    working at a gas station on graveyards over 30 hours a week is dreadful and very down-wearing. Seriously, it’s sucks the life out of you and it’s just as bad as being unemployed considering the crap you have to do over night(stocking,Garbage, receipt paper at the pump, mopping ,etc) for minimum wage, especially when you know you have to go out in the cold, rain or storm to go do the F#@$%ING garbage and filling the F#@$%ING windshield washer racks……it is pure exploitation and gas station owners tend to be among the most tyrannical worthless piece of crap on earth (believe me, I know it from experience and it’s awful). I hate their condescending attitude they exhibit on their employees, as though we have to be on our knees for their bidding all the time and put up with their everyday frustrations they seem to enjoy venting. Oh, not to mention, they tend to be picky as hell because for the most part, things are not GOOD enough and don’t meet their expectation(it’s like, Am I a f#%&^ng engine you can maneuver at any time and whenever you want? who do you think you are?), they always want and expect you to do more than what you can handle, such a drag and I feel like using them as punching bags, no kidding….I hate it also when they call you in the middle of the night for whatever reasons, it’s so friggin annoying and it’s like f#$%^k off, let me do my job in peace, you idiot…and I haven’t said the worst part about it yet. you know whenever that someone who works on the next shift and runs in late or calls in sick as you’re about to wrap it up? You know what happens? you are forced to STAY up until they come or someone else comes and fills in, and sometimes, it’s not always obvious as they don’t always answer the phone when you make billion attempts to reach them…such a pain in the &^%$ when you keep trying and it always results into a FAIL…..
    It is the worst job I have ever had so far and seriously, I miss my old job at a plant and going to school.. In two weeks from now….I QUIT and I don’t give a s$&t as I want this bloodsucking circus to end! It’s poisoning my existence…..


  12. truxter

    I totally agree .

    I saw this whole strike people were trying to pose on Walmart for exploiting their employees, and couldn’t help but laugh at how so many people were gung ho on hating walmart. because walmart was making people work on Thanksgiving because it’s unAmerican.

    Meanwhile I bet that 100% of those people who wanted walmart closed on Thanksgiving, would go to a gas station for their supplies, because it’s the only damn place open.


  13. John

    You are so right clerk 1,everything u said is what s really happening in a gas station,you are smart for noticing all that,i have been working this crappy shit for 10 years,it sucks,people they see u like u r nobody,i can t wait till I get the heck out of here,and what about those f***g lotto customers?they are so stupid, dude thank u for posting,now I know that I m not the only one that feels this way,i started working as a clerk in 2003,with $6.50 /hour,now and after almost 10 years I m getting paid $11 /hour,if I was working somewhere else I ll be getting paid at least $18 /hour for working there this long.


  14. lolstfu

    Srsly all you complaining stfu. Its a minimum wage job. Its mostly full time st. Those like clerk callin others idiots for being contempt in a job for the moment are ignorant. Yes I know the pay is st you dont have to tell me. But stop bchin about your job. And wtf is a real mans job?? Better than collecting welfare asole! Maybe its a first job for some. Or comin back from being unemployment.


  15. truxter

    Well I understand where you are coming from, but people get sucked in like JOHN did. and it doesn’t get any better, it doesn’t let up.

    The only people to make management are the slackers and the thieves.

    Higher ups have to put them in those positions because they can’t be trusted behind the counter. Either because of incompetence, or trust issues.

    the good workers, do not get that.

    Much like the old saying “Don’t become irreplaceable, or they’ll never be able to replace you when they promote you”.


  16. Rick Harris

    I worked at Shell Timewise for one day! F********** THHHHHHAAAAAATTT. for 7.50? UM no. I would rather be homeless. I do not mind working this hard, for a wage that I can actually survive on. This is not it.


  17. Erica

    When it comes to work, there are a lot of people out there who are willing to take your job at a Gas Station because they have a family to support. If you were to open your eyes and see that A job is better than NO job, minimum wage is sometimes all you can get, and that’s all you can do. It’s not fair to b*tch and complain about a job. I may not have worked in a Gas Station, but I was a grocery clerk for 10 months. I quit because of a b*tch of a manager that I worked with. I can’t get work because I’m pregnant and due in a month, but my husband needs a job. When a gas station is all that is hiring, we’ll take it. When you have a family to support, being a man means willingness to take any job to support your family. Hell, if you have to, find some part time work on top of your full time gas station job. Anything works, and anything will get you somewhere.


  18. Baker

    I just recently started a gas station job, and it’s making me feel uneasy. I’m a person that tries to do a job as best I can, and finish it right. But EVERYBODY hammers in “More then 3 people in a line, go help!” so I’ll pause to help with the growing line/crowd… then suddenly I’m treated as if I purposefully left the job half finished. Or they see me helping at register and assign something else before asking if the last job was done.

    Or, as what happened literally once, they accuse me of being distracted without bothering to go “Okay so what happened?” or went “Hey, stock the coffee creamers.” (I stocked about half, then a crowd formed so I went to help) “Is that done?” ‘Not yet, we got busy.’ “Okay, finish that then do trash.” Shortly later, scolded because I hadn’t done trash yet…

    Or “You can’t follow instruction!” because I had to move several boxes to reach the boxes I NEEDED for the assigned task. It’s my second job, but I actually liked fast food(mcdonalds) more then this… and almost tempted to try to find something else :(.


  19. truxter

    don’t worry about that. They bark off to scare you and get you attentive to the fact they are boss and “in charge” .
    Truth is. Managers in gas stations are ignorant. They are the laziest and least intelligent of the pick of employees that show up every day.
    They will purposely not show you how to do what they do because they know a monkey can steal their job.

    Don’t sweat it. Ride out your evaluation period. For now they will be throwing everything at you possible to get you to do the most possible.

    after evaluation period ends, treat the job like it is the most replaceable job. but never show up late and never leave early and never ask for a day off that isn’t scheduled. This makes you a timely employee who might be better off in manager’s position.

    sorry my friend there is no union for gas station clerks.

    Because the unions have nothing to gain from your position. Or our gas prices would be much lower.


  20. Shan

    Hey I’m 16 I work at a shell , you are just huffing and puffing. This work is nothing it’s relatively easy . I mean cleaning ? Dealing w customers? Jeez you need a reality check . Be happy in life . Life is too short and no one is going to pay unless you do work . Grow up it’s the real world . It’s ugly but deal with it. One more thing no one gives a shi* you know about kinetic energy. Frankly it doesn’t even matter if you work at a gas station. You remind me of one of those people who will live life miserably exaggerating about thier boss and making him look like the bad person when they pay you.


  21. truxter

    I am going to go ahead and call you a liar.
    16 is not old enough to sell beer.

    #1 product sold in a gas station is beer.

    The last person a manager would hire is someone too young to sell beer.
    and if by chance you live in a dry county, they still would not hire you because you are part time. It is illegal to work a minor full time.

    Your work hours would clash with the work hours of the gas station. They would have to hire someone to come in and be your relief each day you work. and, it is illegal to leave you untended.

    Most managers would not hire someone too young because you are most likely to abandon the store, steal, give items to your friends.
    and at 16, you haven’t the experience to understand half of what is said in this article.


  22. Shan

    We don’t sell alcohol. And I had already worked couple of days for 3 hours and it is easy . I have been by myself many times , and 16 year olds aren’t incompetent . I fully understood what you said and no I don’t steal . I’m not some 16 year old you imagined in your head. Like I said your over exaggerating . Your not a manager and never will be with your attitude stop trying to overthink your limits . You don’t have a place to know what a manager will do .


  23. truxter

    You are 16. You can not work in a gas station.
    A gas station that does not sell alcohol has a very low flow of customers. Your “I have worked by myself” experience if there was anything that happened for longer than 5 minutes, I will have to truly doubt.but can’t see it legally being more than 5 minutes. The job is too dangerous and too demanding for some kid who isn’t even old enough to sell beer or cigarets to be competent enough to handle the daily requests, questions or demands that the public will randomly throw at you. after NINE YEARS of working the business, I think someone should call CPS on your mom for having you run the register while she used the restroom and left you to man the register while she was away.

    You can not legally work in a gas station under 18. There are too many laws governing the explosive liquid in that parking lot.


  24. Jg

    Hahaa!!! Lazy people!!!


  25. pixie

    I’ve worked at a gas station for almost eight months now. The manager, who started two months ago, keeps changing stuff. Like when we do shift change, or how many times we have to count cigarettes. I count the cigarettes 3 times a shift, and the next shift still has to recount. On top of this, the new nightshift cashier, who started last week, keeps trying to tell me how to do my job. I’ve been here for 8 months. If I didn’t know how to do my job I wouldn’t have one.


  26. gas stations suck

    I’ve worked at Shell and you would be the first person I ever met who actually liked working there. I agree, you sound like a brain-dead-gung-ho corporate puppet. More of the “shut up and take it” mentality that corporations have brainwashed dumbshit middle Americans into preaching. If you enjoy getting payed the absolute minimum allowed, and being looked at by the rest of society as a mongoloid peasant, and having the occasional gun put in your face, all the while babbling and dancing around like a monkey for a bunch of needy, overbearing yuppie co*ksuckers who throw tantrums over policies you have zero control of, a gas station is the place for you.


  27. Kathy

    I work at shell and I absolutely loathe the customers it’s the same damn people buying the same damn overpriced shite and never have enough money for it and always complain about how Walmart is cheaper.. .hello!!! Lol and the lotto people are so damn stupid it makes me sick ! $500+ on scratch off really? Then you ask me to spot you 50¢ on your soda because your stupid azz doesn’t know how to handle money?? Get the fk outta here!! I am assistant manager and no it’s not hard to become manager mine doesn’t even know how to send a goddamned email or to make copies or scan stuff….basic stuff! Now all I do is pretend I’m busy in the office dong paperwork and clean outside or do the cooler. So I don’t have to deal with customers . Now I’m about to interview for an entry level telemarketing job. Starts $16/h full-time. Guess ” customer service experience” paid off do yourself a favor and leave as soon as you can. I’d honestly rather deal with customers over the phone. They can yell all they want I’ve been yelled at louder and in my….


  28. Adam White

    My gawd! Everything said in this article was,the truth and then some! Working at a gas station was by far the worst job that I have done in my life. From counting down cigarettes, to counting down the lottery, to counting down my drawer. Taking out trash, stocking the cooler, and making sure my cash register isn’t short. You do literally the most things for little pay and not even a thank you at the end of the day. Your manager talks to you like your stupid and don’t understand simple concepts and your so expendable that you can be let go at any time. I was fired because I constantly had to take off for my National Guard obligations and the fact that I couldn’t be there when they needed me. I’m sorry my service to my country means more than this piss ant job! At the end of the day I was glad I was fired because I found two bettreasons jobs where I get paid more and do much less work. However I will say the customersame weren’t bad people though because they were all people who lived in the neighborhood and were regulars.


  29. Adam White

    Sorry for my misspelling of “better” and “customers”. My autocorrect has to be the worst there is lol.


  30. Adam

    Oh my god this is spot on. I work at an Exxon and it’s been hell. I’ve been here a year while I attend school and I want to murder everyone I see up until I clock out.

    I’ve had to fight for my job after my store manager cut me down to one day a week because I got fed up of being asked to come in for an alcoholic co-worker who called out every weekend. There’s been periods where I’ve worked 6-7 days a week including two shifts back to back. Management won’t do s#!t to people who call out constantly.

    My assistant manager got her job simply by kissing the store managers a$$ but after 6 weeks loudly proclaimed that she would no longer be working 6 days a week and began slacking her lazy, ghetto butt off. Still employed as asst manager.

    Last 3 employees we’ve hired are crap. Two constantly called out until corporate got sick of their crap and fired them since my store manager wouldn’t do jack. The other is on hardcore drugs. Zoning out, talking to herself, claiming there’s poop on the bathroom walls/scrubbing them with a toilet brush till the paint peeled off.

    Guess what? She’s still employed. Then there’s the ghetto tard customers I have a deal with who get very upset when their favorite beer or smokes is sold out, even had change thrown at me for asking for ID.

    I’ve busted my rump and always been there when they needed me and I got shat on. Wasn’t even considered for asst manager. Was almost fired by my store manager because she had to work more than 3 hours and operate a register. District manager suspended me, then fired me, then hired me back in a 23 hour period for a first offense.

    I daydream quite frequently self immolating in the managers office.


  31. Eduardo Reyna

    Hello no gas station are not for everybody especially for dangerous stores. Inner city gas stations have the most theft the most crime. I would never say work at a gas station for someone that wants a serious job paying their bills, this position made me open my eyes to the reality that America sucks, so much sorrow in this country and for the most part gas clerks see a lot of anger directed towards them. One time I literally told a panhandler not be at the store he told get away from him not to bother him today. If you work at gas station you will be your own security guard and constantly put up homeless people panhandlers possible robberies and doing all this for lowest wage. This job make you understand really this country sucks. How many poor people there are in this world, this corporations for the most part will cover their ass to make a profit at your downfall don’t work here unless really need the money. Gas clerks have die all the time every month because some person on drugs wanted money. This job is not for everybody, this job you as person are stepping into a potential robbery, you need to know to calm a situation down but not be a pushover. Do not do it.



    It sucks. Messy, lazy, late, “sick” coworkers, foul-mouthed coworker personal calls all hours, working sh****est hours and days, incompetent/negligent mgr. last minute schedule changes, untrustworthy new-hires, no communication, tweekers, drunks, bums, brats, jesus-freaks, boomerang customers, lotto addicts, idiots, thugs, scumbags, slobs, creeps, bul***t payroll deductions, all the abuse, threats, etc. You’re go*****ned right I hate this shit job.

    Such a shit small town, so few opportunities for employment. I can’t wait for it to end. I’m too exhausted from my no breaks/no lunch, busy 8+ hrs. late shift on my feet to hunt for another job before or after. I’ll probably just quit soon. F*** Che***n.


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