Bad Time To Be a Pizza Guy

Pizza delivery sucks

Gas prices are up. People have less money to tip with. This means the guy with the delivery job, has to pay for his own gas, meanwhile only get compensated for a percentage of fuel used, the rest is covered by the tip. The less the customer has to tip with, the less the delivery guy gets. Of course if the gas prices stay up long enough, the cost of the food supplied to the pizza places will go up. When that goes up, the cost of the pizza will go up. This of course leaves less money for the customer to tip the pizza guy with.

Pizza delivery sucks

The worst thing you can say to the pizza guy is ‘ You know how it is” cuz yes.. He does. He is so broke he was hoping you would jingle some change his way.

Drop something in the pizza guy’s tray. You have to. He does not make what the employment ads lead you to believe he makes. They say “up to $15 an hour”  when actually the pizza guy only gets half minimum wage plus tips. If you tip. and well right now, no one tips.

Pizza delivery sucks

He pays for his gas, his oil,  travels 10k miles every 3 months,pays for his own used tires because he can’t afford new ones, his door sags from opening repeatedly, changes starters 3 times a year, replaces clutch every 5 months. And all of the overheating. Man the overheating part sucks. Fuel pumps going out, Mildew in the car from having the window down while at the customer’s house, because his door handle is broke, inside and out. Window no longer roles up, you gotta pull it up. Headlights go out at least once a year. Roof is rusted where the company sign and it’s magnets have scratched his paint to the metal.

To the pizza guy, Go find a job, Find a real job where you have more self respect from people. For yourself. Yeah the job has some fun times, but not near enough. Use that search, type city name, and job title. You will get results from 14 job search sites at one time. The more specific your search, the better the results. Shoot high, I mean all you have to do is type in the name of a city pr zip code, a job title and maybe a wage preference. Come on man. I have been there. Let me help you out of this.

Pizza delivery sucks and is frustrating. but hey it’s a job. Doesn’t pay, but it’s a job. They need to raise the standard pay for a pizza guy. because that job is more than him. it’s his most expensive investment, his car. and that gets trashed and worn out.

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