Can Anything Help you With Employment?

Flipping through Mashable I stumbled upon an article “4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications“.

And well , these have got to be the coolest jump and dive programs out there. for those of us who can afford those apps, may not actually be looking for a job, and for those who are looking for jobs, might not be wanting to spend money on a cell phone. Especially just for the sake of keeping a useful application running. but however, if you have just lost your job and are paid up for a while on your cell phone bill, then that set of apps is perfect for you. if you have a job, just grab the resume builder app and build yourself a resume (with your thumbs????) and save the resume in case something goes wrong.

An alternative is just a simple job search. Right? You are here so you got here somehow. Try the Job Search. If for some reason you may be upset with your job or just looking for a better place to go, or really need a job that job search helps. Really. Just type the city you are in, the job you want and hit the search button, find the job in the page for the position you are looking for, and go to that site.  That job search checks 14 websites, so you do get a huge list of jobs. This way you don’t have to job hunt over 14 sites one by one. heck you can even type in “Resume`” or even”application georgia” and you will find pages beyond pages. The more descriptive you are in this job search the smaller the selection but the better the defined the results. Find  the results you want and just use the link  displayed after the search and you are there. Fast.

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