Thanksgiving Holiday

Hope everyone had a good holiday this year.

Hope all are rested well for the next coming work week.

Rest is a key point in taking a break. Taking your mind off of all the stuff that makes you mentally and physically tired. Hope you got plenty of rest and plenty of time for the activities that take you away from everything.

The end of the year is near, and all get a chance to start new and fresh. The end of the year holidays are very near and will allow us all to rest before the up coming year.  With that, it is always best that you rest plenty for thanksgiving.

Keep clear thoughts for the week to come. Stay focused and leave home at home and vacation back with vacation. The next three weeks, you are  setting your goals for this and finalizing all work promises (margins and goals). Hopefully you have taken past advice and are now doing your end of the year “big bang” to make the boss remember you when hiring and firing season comes. So now is the time to wrap up your year project and start brainstorming (quietly) on your next big explosion. Remember, when you are done with your private (I’m awesome for this company) project, stay modest and keep working at least as good as the other employees, while you have your side project.

Been a great year. Hope it’s as good for you.

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