Fire Alarm Company In Houston Hiring

CONTACT TEAMWired of Houston if you are looking for a job in the fire alarm industry or security installation industry.

TEAMWired is accepting applications for fire alarm installer and security system installers.

4 thoughts on “Fire Alarm Company In Houston Hiring

  1. Houston Fire Alarm

    Houston’s Fire Alarm Company, HiTech Integrated Solutions installs more than just Security Alarm Systems, we have 12 years of installing FCI and GE fire alarm equipment. We have been installing notification devices in buildings throughout the Houston and surrounding area since 1998.


  2. Fire Sprinkler Designer

    We at HiTech are currently now hiring for fire sprinkler designer position. We are looking for a sprinkler designer who is still in training but has knowledge of the fire sprinkler design software needed.
    We currently have a fire sprinkler designer, we need someone who can work under the tutelage of the lead sprinkler designer.
    Fire Sprinkler Design Application
    NFPA 13 Knowledgeable is a must.

    1 full year to 3 years sprinkler system layout experience
    Able to read and apply basic NFPA 13 requirements
    Familiar with HydraCAD sprinkler system design software
    Able to survey job-sites
    Basic knowledge of computerized hydraulic calculations
    Able to receive and apply instruction


  3. Brian

    How do I apply to work here?


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