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I tried making my own job post, job search site. The whole deal was to have people post jobs and resumes for free, search for jobs for free and apply for jobs for free. I guess it was to much free stuff. Man it was my way of giving to the jobless, My solution to the jobless count. I really do not have the budget to advertise that. Or some people just do not want a job.

I made a page that just used Google’s search engine pointed at like 5 job search sites.Here is a look at what it was Custom Job Search. It worked great (actually it still functions and serves its purpose). All you had to do is type in the job title you are looking to fulfill and the city you live in. Or you can type the name of the company you want to work for and the city. As long as you are not in a “city” of 9 people, you should have no trouble finding a job. But I assume it was way to simple. So I added some links to a few career search sites so people can manually look for employment and possibly fill in better criteria. Then I added Contextual ads that should allow for advertisements to come up with related content, such as help wanted and job search companies.

Well I got looking at it and realized ” Ok this is ugly’ so it is in not attractive to users. I figured that I could solve a whole lot of issues by taking the search bar located at the top of this page and every page that looks like it, and make it do the exact same thing. I did that. Works exactly the same. Downside it does not allow you to explore the sites I listed on the first page. I myself like to personalize and explore while I am looking for something.

Well I created a job search page that allows you to search a bunch of career sites at the exact same time. Custom Employment Search.

Try a few different things to see if it does a deeper search. It should be able to do many¬† searches of many types. Well I have a great “thing” lol. just let’s say it is in beta form right now.

The one on it’s own separate page will get get dressed up very soon. For now it is plain and in the raw.

Please comment and let me know what you think and please leave suggestions.

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