Downside Of Being I.T. Guy at Work

All I.T. guys know this. So if you do not know this, then you are a new I.T. guy, or not an I.T. guy. Lol remember this, it means nothing in the end. okay? Keep a sense of humor.

No business can run on just one I.T. guy. This is a job that requires a difference of opinion. This can be stressful for each I.T. person. There will be conflicts. The other I.T. person(s) can be your best friend(s). It will not matter. You will have the dumbest arguments and geekiest disputes that makes no sense to anyone but you and the others in your field. Everyone around you who does not do what you do, will most likely be laughing at just how pointless your disagreement really sounds. The rest of the people in the office do not care if you are talking about upgrading or updating a burned out server that crashes every time someone uses a file greater than 10mb. That is until it crashes for a 10mb file.

Your pay should be quite fair. That is of course if your work is appreciated.In most cases, it is completely over looked, until there is a problem. at that time, they may only wonder why there is a problem in the first place. Especially if you do your job. So you have to  make it clear that hardware has life expectancies, software has boundaries, usually over shot by curious users. Make sure the higher ups know that you can fix the issues that arise, when they arise.

The hardest part is getting your point of view out there without a huge dispute or argument, especially if you have an overly argumentative I.T. co-worker.

That one guy who does not care what anyone says, he is nothing but correct. I try to not be him, but I notice it more in other IT guys though. Your safest bet is to note what the others are good at, and what you are good at and find a way to separate your duties from theirs and theirs from yours.  Also good to do is to have a decent understanding of what they do so you can fill in when they are not there. Do not learn it to step on their toes. Do not bother offering your information to any know it alls (lol all of us are know it alls). You will just start an I.Q. argument that way. Just trust he/she knows enough to get by while you are on vacation. Include the other persons “expertise” in your projects. Make it clear you are not giving up the project to their all knowing endless mental power, but you do appreciate their knowledge in certain fields and would like to include them. Same with you. If you are asked to help with a small portion of a project. do that . Get in, get out. Get on to a job you normally do. Don’t get roped in and don’t get pushed out.

Sorry all I got for now.

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