How to Search For a Job

First thing is you need to have something in mind. You need to know what you want to be doing for a living. It’s best to think of what you love to do. I know it seems like you will make a job out of your fun time in free time, but imagine giving up the rest of your life to do something you have no emotions on at all.

These days just jumping in your car and floating about, place to place to fill out applications at what ever business is open, leaves you working a job that you will soon get sick of. Those days are long now. You should not even think of being that way or doing that forever anymore. We have so many job search engines on the internet that you can almost be 100% specific about your daily tasks. you just have to know how to use them. For example. Look at the top right of this page. I put a search up there that is specific to job hunting. It searches all of the top sites. I kind of reduce all of the work for you. Just type in what you are looking for and watch the results. There will be at least 5 job search sites that it will search for the position you are looking to fill.

Think of how that works and keep that in mind while you are job hunting. Job hunting works a whole lot like that. Only I simplified that  for you (or me if I lose my job). If I wanted to be a bartender I would type something bartender related, Like simply the word Bartender and the name of my city. Or night club. Or if I wanted to me a gas station manager I would just type gas station manager. I would in no way aim low. I would not look for  cashier job in a gas station because the pay is crummy and there is lesser insurance with almost no bonus if any. aim high and apply. Let the boss know right away that you have high morals and higher intentions. Do not plan to be on the bottom. do not plan to take the lowest pay just so long as you get some pay. If you do not heed those words, you will get that and be treated like that. The whole time you work there, you will be that. don’t aim to be a waiter/waitress or you will make crummy pay, get treated like meat. You will be uncreditable because your income is way to low, and you will never see advancement. If you get stuck with the lesser job, ok, sorry. You might want to consider using it for money for now, but voice yourself as wanting a higher position and watch the reaction of those you say it to. If you get a bad result. Get job searching quick and get out of there. Do not just quit the place unless you have someplace better to land.

Keep focus on a pay scale. You have a lifestyle you want to live. You can not get that life if you do not have the income it takes to maintain such a lifestyle. You can not finance everything on magic money. you have to live within your means. if your means are low, so is the value of your possessions. If you do not keep that goal, you will lose a lot of great things.  You have to make your pay scale goal, and hope for raises.

You have to communicate with the person doing the hiring. You can not be shy and you can not be forceful. it’s either pass or fail. Remember they are paying you for your services. You are not giving up your time for their pay. If the place can not pay you what you need, search for more places and keep that one in mind.

Do your math. If you are getting weak and ready to take some job that just comes your way, add up all of your monthly bills. add 1/6 to that so you have room for error and life’s little riddles. that is your low goal. anything better in pay than that, is your ideal target.

Self esteem. Never tell yourself that you are not good enough. Never say anything is unrealistic. You have the whole internet out there. you can now find it. It is there and it is perfect for you.

Finding a job is easy. It’s harder to find an employee you can trust that isn’t Completely insane. Remember that.

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