I.T. work and delusional customer requests

Sometimes people make some wild requests and get mad at you when you try and be rational with them.

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10 Reasons why you can’t hang on to employees

For this article let’s just imagine a bunch of good employees leaving the company for reasons that have nothing to do with them other than them saying “I’ve had it, I’m out, forget this I quit”.

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Your Value and Employement Status


Remember to know your value and keep the search for a job that pays you what you deserve.

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Holiday Closure Reminder


As I have seen these posts coming up left and right about holiday closures showing what evil companies will still have their employees working on Thanksgiving preparing for black Friday
Remember him on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New year.

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I work with people

I work with people. Not for them.
I work for no one.
I work at my pace.
I work for to achieve what I want.

How to get work in the fire alarm industry in Texas

So you are looking for a job and want to know what it takes to get a job with a fire alarm company. You are wondering if there is a special license or certification you need to do the work. Well you do need a license for a few things.

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Gas Station Story

Don’t mess with gas station cashiers, They’ve heard it all.

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I Worked With Walmart

I Worked With Walmart. It’s been a few years since I worked at Walmart. Wasn’t the most pleasant time in my life, but it was better to have weird brainwashed job than have no job. So I tried to stick it out.

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How to get a better job

I know this all sounds like stuff you should know or you already know. Why aren’t you doing it now? I’m not asking for cash and this page was 100% free to you . So no… Nothing here is guaranteed. Just trying to help you find a job.

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Posting about work onto the internet

So you have something funny to post about on the internet related to your work place.
You should reconsider posting such items.
In many accounts, people have lost their jobs due to work related posts on the web. Be it youtube facebook or reddit, you stand a chance of these getting big, you making very little to no money from the popularity of this content, and something identifiable being in the content to get you fired.