Considering being an I.T. guy – Warning

The mentality of the people who pay I.T.

Everything works. Why are we paying you guys?
Something broke. Why are we paying you guys?

Don’t work for the I.T. department. Work at an I.T. company. You’ll get a bonus.

If you are not working for a company who brings in revenue from I.T., You’re nothing but an expense. You are the equivalent of a janitor.

about end users… no matter what happens, everything is our fault.

Everything works because you’re paying us.
You’re paying us to fix something you guys broke.

The best thing is if something goes down on xmas day, guess who has to come into work? Oh ya the one guy that never even got a bonus.

Morning Commute


Time to start the day. Pants? check
Shirt? Check
Socks? They don’t match but your feet will be warm, Check.
Feed the cat.. can’t forget to feed the cat
Car keys? Check
Laptop bag? Check
Grab your morning coffee? Check

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How You Treat Employees


Funny Reality

minimum wage

minimum wage

As funny as that may be.
The question is”what would the cost of living be?”. and logic says “who has the most invested in this company” ?

The Resume and Application Flaw

Ever write up and fill out a resume? You gather all of your information, and just start writing all of this great stuff about yourself. Some of this stuff you guess the dates a bit.

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Alarm Company in Houston Hiring

Need Access Control service technicians. Need to have experience with alarms and keyless entry, cctv, dvr systems and access gates.

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About Fast Food Strikes

fries on strike

So… We have people in McDonalds going on strike because they can not afford enough money to support their families and have a healthy living.

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How I feel when applying for jobs

How I feel when applying for jobs

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How a designer deals with a lay off


How a designer deals with a lay off. As any resourceful person would do, they market their skills. Cut out the boss and charge below average fees.How a designer deals with a lay off

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What do you do when the company closes?


What do you do when the company closes?
When you start seeing people get laid off left and right, when you see them all dropping in large groups.

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